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Adaya*, Cristina and Sandra, Three Girls Who Altered Their Plans for the Altar

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Three Girls Who Altered Their Plans for the Altar

Adaya*, Cristina and Sandra each have unique passions and pursuits, from martial arts to marine biology. But they all agree that early and forced marriage isn’t part of their plan. Yet, 12 million girls under the age of 18 get married every year. How did Adaya, Cristina and Sandra escape this harmful practice that is difficult to avoid for millions of girls?


Learn more about current projects and hear from girls in their own words how your support is driving real change.

Girls throwing period products into the air

Promoting period pride in Tanzania

“Ever since I had my first period, I have never found the strength to tell my parents. No one told me about menstruation before,” shares 17-year-old Zaidina.

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Girls throwing period products into the air

Going further together in Bolivia

Isolated Indigenous communities in Bolivia were not equipped to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and its many adverse effects.

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Children in front of a tippy tap

There for girls around the world

Team Girl has reached 3 million girls. Find out who and where.

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Hear From Bithi: A Trailblazer in Bangladesh

Don’t miss her story of empowerment and activism.

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Take a deeper dive into the barriers and injustices girls face around the world and how we are working to tackle the root causes.

Girl in a classroom

State of the World’s Girls: The Truth Gap

How misinformation and disinformation online affect the lives, learning and leadership of girls and young women.

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Girl in a classroom

The case for holistic investment in girls.

Improving Lives, Realizing Potential, Benefitting Everyone.

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Mother and daughter

Let’s Talk Periods!

Menstrual Health & Hygiene in Canada.

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Girl in mask with arms crossed

Halting Lives

The impact of COVID-19 on girls and young women.

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Girl wearing a mask

Halting Lives Part Two

In their own voice: girls and young women on the impact of COVID-19.

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Girl at a computer

Free to be online

Girls' and young women's experiences of online harassment.

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Three women walking

Promoting men’s engagement

Programmatic reflections and recommendations.

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Watch videos about girls’ rights and more!

A Girls Belong Here Interview with Pfizer Canada | Plan International Canada

A Girls Belong Here Interview with Pfizer Canada | Plan International Canada

Watch this video for a BTS glimpse of Candice Zhong's day at Pfizer Canada. Candice is a Youth Ambassador for Girls Belong Here, a global movement to amplify girls' voices, advocate for their rights

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No Shame: Dads and Daughters Discuss Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

In parts of Zimbabwe, stigma around sexual and reproductive health is harming girls’ relationships – with their bodies and with their parents. Watch how our project – in partnership with the Global Fund – is helping dads and daughters openly discuss topics like menstruation, HIV/AIDS and health rights.

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Ingrid's inspiring story

Hear from Ingrid - a biologist turned fashion designer and self-described “perpetual dreamer.”

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Children in classroom in Malawi

Improving access to education in Malawi

Millions of children around the world are denied their right to education. See how we're making education more accessible in Malawi and getting children -- especially girls -- back in the classroom.

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Children in classroom in Malawi

Plan international Canada 2021 year in review

Plan International Canada's 2021 Annual Review showcases the organization's efforts to support the rights of children -- especially girls -- from the past year

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