To donate securities to Plan International Canada, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the fillable form provided by Plan International Canada
  2. Fill out the form with your personal information and details of the securities you wish to donate.
  3. Send on copy of the filled form to your financial advisor.
  4. Send a second copy of the filled from to Thandi Walcott at

Donating securities can be a tax-efficient way to support charities like Plan International Canada, as it may offer benefits such as tax savings at the time of donation. Make sure to consult with your financial advisor for personalized advice regarding your donation.

Securities Transfer Form (PDF)

The benefits:

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  • Allows you to amplify the impact of your gift
  • You pay no tax on the capital gains that have accumulated on the securities
  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation
  • Your donation of securities can cover your Child Sponsorships, support a specific project, or establish an endowment

*Plan International Canada strongly recommends you seek the professional services of a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor to ensure that your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed and your planned gift tailored to best fit your circumstances.

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Contact contact our Planned Giving Team at or toll-free 1-800-387-1418 and ask for either Michelle Bernard or Berna Gulmisal. Or let us contact you, by completing the form below.

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