How to start a fundraiser for Plan International Canada

Ready to make a difference? Learn how to launch your fundraising journey with Plan International Canada. Starting a fundraiser is an exciting way to make a difference and help others in need around the world. By choosing to fundraise for Plan International Canada, you are helping millions of children achieve their potential. In addition, fundraising for a cause is a wonderful opportunity to engage with your friends, family and community while also increasing your impact exponentially.

Jump start your virtual fundraising ideas

Now more than ever we can use technology in new ways so we can continue to stay connected and champion change for the causes that matter to us.

Join Plan International Canada and let’s work together to jump start your virtual fundraising ideas. We’ll show you how to start a fundraiser and help you bring your network together to create positive change for children, families and entire communities during in this unsettling time.

Come fundraise with us on Facebook & Instagram

Join us in making a difference on Facebook and Instagram! You can now kickstart your own fundraiser for Plan International Canada using the new Meta Fundraising Buttons.

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Why Fundraise With Our Versatile and User-Friendly Digital Platform

Plan International Canada’s website offers an easy-to-use, mobile-responsive fundraising platform supporting events of any size. Enhance your efforts with integrated social media management, campaign oversight, and a seamless donation process.

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How To Build Your Own Fundraising Page

Create a personalized page for your fundraiser. Whether it’s an event or crowd-funding, we’ll help you get started.

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Host a Do-Good Dinner Fundraiser

A virtual dinner party for a cause is a fun way to gather your community and support children worldwide. We can help with resources like invites, thank you cards, and interactive games.

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Elevate Your Fundraising with These Resources

Are you new to fundraising? We can walk you through everything. Get access to great fundraising resources like toolkits, thank-you templates, tax receipt information, and donation tracking forms.

Download all fundraising resources now

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Fundraising Toolkits

New to fundraising? We’ve got you covered with comprehensive toolkits to guide you through every step of your fundraising journey.

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Thank You Letter Templates

Express gratitude to your supporters with customizable thank-you letter templates. It’s a small gesture that makes a big impact.

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Add credibility and recognition to your fundraising materials with our official logos. Select from Logos - Version 1 or Logos - Version 2 to showcase your support for Plan International Canada.

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Tax Receipt Information

Understand tax receipt details for your donations. We ensure transparency every step of the way.

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Donation Tracking Forms

Keep track of your donations efficiently with our tracking forms. It’s easy to stay organized and focused on your fundraising goals.

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Enhance your fundraising events with our eye-catching posters. Choose from Poster Version 1 or Poster Version 2 to make a statement and attract attention to your cause.

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Join with other Canadians who would like all children to reach their full potential.

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