Watch how Team Girl is helping empower girls in Tanzania with knowledge and tools to safely manage their periods with confidence and pride!

“Ever since I had my first period, I have never found the strength to tell my parents. No one told me about menstruation before,” shares 17-year-old Zaidina.

Her experience was all too common in rural regions of Tanzania, where period stigma and a lack of access to information and infrastructure – intensified by the setbacks to girls’ health caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – shrouded girls in shame and health risks.

“Everyone can be affected by poor sanitation and hygiene, but girls and women are most at risk,” explains 19-year-old Happiness. “We face risks of shame, harassment, diseases and attacks.”

But Team Girl is helping put an end to period shame and empowering girls to defend their dignity and decision-making ability.
A girl supported by Plan International Canada’s Team Girl.
Hamis and his family

With help from Team Girl, over 239,000 girls, boys and community members are accessing education on good menstrual hygiene and health practices.

“Through health clubs I learned about improved sanitation and hygiene and how they are critical to us having safe menstruation. I shared what I learned with my mother and father. Now we can openly talk about periods as a family,” says 14-year-old Regina.

My eyes were opened and I came to understand what I should do as a father to support menstrual hygiene in my household,” says Hamis, a carpenter and father. He volunteered to build a special facility to support girls to store sanitary pads at school.

Team Girl has helped improve sanitation and hand washing facilities in over 290 schools in Tanzania.

“We have allocated a changing room for girls who are on their period. We have equipped it with disposable sanitary pads, water and soap,” explains assistant head teacher, Historia.

“More girls like me will be able to attend school without missing. And improved sanitation and hygiene services mean safer and healthier lives among girls,” Happiness celebrates. “Hopefully in the future we can all witness an equal and inclusive world in all aspects of life.”

Girl washing hands


Thank you, Team Girl, for working toward achieving Happiness’ vision everyday, especially in these trying times when your support makes all the difference.

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