A legacy gift in your will, or another planned gift, gives you a chance to have an extraordinary impact – one that helps bring about a more just world and advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

When you create a legacy gift in your will for Plan International Canada, your generosity will have a ripple effect for generations. Legacy gifts provide vital, stable support for our work, and whether your estate is large or small, you can make a difference for children – and communities – around the world.

After you have remembered your loved ones, please consider including Plan International Canada in your will.


How to donate to a charity in your will

It’s now easier than ever to create a legacy with a gift in your will. With this free online will-making tool – brought to you by our partner Willfora – you can create a legal will in less than 20 minutes. Whether you need to write your first will or update your existing will, this tool can help you tick that task off your list quickly and easily and help you feel good doing so.

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You can also have your will prepared by a lawyer or notary. To make a gift to Plan International Canada in your will, you simply need to provide your will preparer with the applicable information below.

For a residual gift in your will

One that provides a share of the remainder of your estate after all debts and specific gifts to loved ones have been paid – we suggest the following wording:

To pay and transfer ____________% [or # of parts/share] of the residue of my estate to Plan International Canada, charitable registration number 11892 8993 RR0001.

To make a specific gift in your will

One that specifies a set amount of cash or securities – we suggest this wording:

For a specific gift of cash:
To pay the sum of $ __________ to Plan International Canada, charitable registration number 11892 8993 RR0001.

For a specific gift of securities

To pay, transfer and assign to Plan International Canada, charitable registration number 11892 8993 RR0001, ________ shares of _____________. # of units , Name of security.

» Learn more about gift of securities

You will need to provide our legal name, address and charitable registration number.

Legal name: Plan International Canada
Address: 245 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 300, Toronto, ON M4P 0B3
Charitable registration number: 11892 8993 RR0001

If you have a particular initiative that you wish to support with your gift, please reach out to our team to ensure that your gift is made in a way that it will have the impact you intend.

Get in touch with us

Contact contact our Planned Giving Team at legacy@plancanada.ca or toll-free 1-800-387-1418 and ask for either Michelle Bernard or Berna Gulmisal. Or let us contact you, by completing the form below.


What your legacy gift can help provide

Leave a legacy gift of clean water for families

Clean water

One Plan International donor left a gift in their will for $8,000, which supported a water and sanitation project in Benin. Their gift helped drill 56 boreholes, providing hundreds of children with clean drinking water.

Leave a legacy gift of food security and nutrition for children

Food security and nutrition

One generous Canadian left $35,000 in their will to go toward providing nutrition to children. Their legacy supported a school feeding program in Malawi, where 4,400 children in 27 schools now receive regular meals.

Leave a legacy gift of education for children and keep girls in school


A $64,000 legacy gift supported quality education for children in Mali by helping build and equip 279 primary-school classrooms and 30 preschools and train more than 1,400 teachers. This supporter’s legacy helped reach 75,000 children across 300 villages.

Leave a legacy gift of education for newborn and maternal health

Maternal and newborn health

A legacy gift of $100,000 helped train 550 doctors, nurses and midwives in Bolivia. As a result, more than 1,200 moms and babies received medical care and more than 28,000 infants are part of a growth-monitoring program that ensures that they will grow up healthy and strong.

What do you want your legacy gift to achieve?

If you share our determined optimism about the future and want to help create a more just world – one where children’s rights are respected and there’s equality for girls – please consider including Plan International Canada in your legacy plans.


Other ways to create a legacy gift

While gifts in wills are the most popular option for Canadians, there are many other ways to create a legacy gift to support the future work of Plan International Canada, such as gifts of life insurance, RRSPs/RRIFs/TFSAs, securities, donor-advised funds and more.

Check out these options to create a legacy gift that’s right for you:

Promising a Future fall/winter 2023 edition

See our impact in our fall/winter 2023 edition of Promising a Future

Connecting you to the purpose and to the people who believe in making a better tomorrow

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Why create a legacy gift for Plan International Canada?

There are many reasons why people choose to include Plan International Canada as part of their legacy. Hear first-hand from some of the amazing Canadians who have decided to make a lasting impact for others with their legacy.

“I’ve been very blessed. I’m so happy that as a result of the bequest for Plan in my will, my estate will continue to help children for years to come.”– Rena Whistance-Smith, a Plan supporter for more than 50 years
“Education is one of the most important elements of life and likely one of the most effective ways to relieve the world’s problems.” – Elizabeth and Cyril Challice, Plan supporters for more than 40 years, who created a legacy endowment fund for education initiatives
“A legacy gift allows you to make that extra contribution, and for me it’s a way to make sure that what I started when I was alive is still echoing in the universe afterwards.” – Beverly Marchand, a Plan legacy donor
“I think if we learn from children, we [will] be a much healthier society. I hope that by putting Plan International Canada in my will, [this] can carry on for other children who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.” –Maryam Murat-Khan, a Plan child sponsor
“Given the state of the world, it’s easy to become numbed by all the bad news and think there’s nothing you can do about it. Or you can choose to make a difference. One of the things that drew me to Plan was its positive outlook on the future.” – Charles Fox, a Because I am a Girl supporter and Plan legacy donor

Will you help us understand and fulfill your wishes?

Creating a legacy for the future is a very personal decision, and we understand that. While you don’t need to tell us about your plans, we can best help you achieve the impact you want your legacy to have when we know about your wishes. Letting us know about your intentions doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind about your gift. You are always free to make changes to your legacy plans.

Contact one of our team members to discuss how you would like to make a difference with your legacy or let us know if you’ve already made a gift at legacy@plancanada.ca.

Get in touch

Michelle Bernard

Lead, Planned Giving
D: 437-828-8974

Berna Gulmisal

Senior Manager, Planned Giving
D: 437-828-8837 bgulmisal@plancanada.ca

Thandi Walcott

Manager, Estates Administration
D: 437-828-9090

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