How Donations Reach Communities
A classroom of students in Malawi

A classroom of students in Malawi

We keep our operating costs low to ensure that the maximum proportion of donations goes directly to the children, especially girls, whom we help.

Our goal at Plan International Canada is to build trust and a longterm presence in the communities where we work by partnering with children, families, organizations and local governments. Our diverse funding sources helped us deliver sustainable solutions to more than 7.6 million children in fiscal 2022.

Child Sponsorship contributions go toward community development projects that nurture the power and potential of children and their communities. They also allow us to establish trusting relationships and implement sustainable change.

Designated contributions, such as major financial donations, Gifts of Hope and ongoing contributions, go to specific projects identified by our supporters. In all cases, donated funds support projects developed in partnership with community members – including children, especially girls – that address inequality and create a more just world.


Where does our support come from?

  Government & other grants 48.1%
  Child Sponsorship 24.2%
  Gifts in kind 14.1%
  Contributions, gifts & bequests 12.8%
  Investments & other income 0.8%
Total FY22 revenue: $274 million

REVENUE INCREASE: We received $274 million in support in fiscal 2022, up from $237 million in fiscal year 2021.

Program expenditures

Areas of work this funding supported:

  Health 46.7%
  Humanitarian response
& resilience
  Education 10.2%
  Youth leadership & economic empowerment 10.2%
  Protection from violence 8.6%


What percentage of donations goes to Plan International Canada programs?

expendiures chart
81.9% Program expenditures 7.3% Operations 10.8% Fundraising

82 cents

of every dollar went toward programming for children and their communities worldwide. We focused on improving education, health, protection from violence, humanitarian response and resilience and youth leadership and economic empowerment. This also includes Canadian-based youth and advocacy programs.

18 cents

of every dollar went toward fundraising and operations to ensure that our programs are run efficiently and effectively. These funds go toward marketing, developing and administrating our program-related services and fundraising initiatives. We also invest in rigorous child-safeguarding and risk management protocols training.

Total FY22 expenditures: $270 million

Our fiscal year ran from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022. This excludes the purchase and amortization of capital or intangible assets and investment value fluctuation.



2022 Annual Review

2022 Annual report

See how your contributions are helping to create sustainable advancements when it comes to children’s rights and equality for girls in our 2022 Annual Report. View our other statements for more information.

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» Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)

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