Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights simply because they’re girls – but you can make a difference. Help safeguard and promote girls’ rights by supporting the Because I am a Girl project.

Your generous contributions will be matched by our funding partners – meaning your support will reach 4X more girls around the world, for 4X the impact.


Your donation supports girls and gender equality through projects like:

  • Helping girls in the Philippines complete their education and engaging the community as change-makers against gender inequality and gender-based violence.
  • Kick-starting young women’s entrepreneurial initiatives in Colombia and teaching girls vocational and management skills as well as financial-literacy skills so they can earn and save money for their futures.
  • Enrolling girls in school and training teachers to be gender-equality advocates in Uganda, which helps create protective learning environments where girls’ voices are shared and heard.

The history and inspiration behind Because I am a Girl

Because I am a girl. How did this simple phrase become the name of a global initiative, powering a movement to end gender inequality and promote girls’ rights? The story behind the name of Plan International’s Because I am a Girl project is a poignant one and here’s how it started:

Ten years ago, during a conference in Katmandu, Nepal, Marianne – a Plan International staff member – went out for a walk. Seeing a very little girl out on her own, scavenging for food, Marianne struck up a conversation with her. She then accompanied the girl back to her home, as she wanted to meet the parents. Upon her arrival, Marianne tried to sensitively broach the subject with the mother about the reason her daughter was out scavenging while her brothers were in school. The mother’s answer was simple: “Because she is a girl.” To that mother, and many people around the world, that phrase explains it all.

Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights – simply because they’re girls. They continue to face unique barriers that violate their rights and keep them from reaching their full potential. Discrimination leads to grave injustices like gender-based violence, limited or no educational opportunities, child marriage and early pregnancy.

Plan International’s years of experience and research show that when girls are educated, healthy and informed, they can successfully advocate for and lead change in their lives, in their community and around the world.

Marianne’s story stuck with us and became the inspiration behind the name “Because I am a Girl” for our goal to end gender inequality and help girls around the world reach their full potential.

Still have questions? We can help!

What countries are supported by the Because I am a Girl project?

Plan International Canada’s Because I am a Girl project supports communities in dozens of countries around the world; these can include Bangladesh, Sudan, Niger, Colombia, Tanzania, Mali, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Vietnam.

How does Because I am a Girl differ from sponsoring a child?

When you sponsor a child, you are supporting community-based projects in specific locations to help the children and families within those areas.

When you support Because I am a Girl, you join a growing movement of fellow Canadians who are also committed to helping champion girls’ rights. Together, you fund equality-driven programs spanning hundreds of communities around the world. You help reach girls worldwide with the support they need, helping save and transform lives, while driving equality forward. You will learn about girls’ rights issues and see the impact your support is making through the eyes of the girls you’re helping reach with empowerment opportunities.

If I become a monthly supporter, how long of a commitment am I expected to make?

Many of our Because I am a Girl project supporters have been involved for several years and find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Helping advance girls’ rights and achieving equality for girls will take time. Consistent long-term support is the key to driving real shifts in mindsets and lasting change. The length of your commitment is up to you.

Why can’t I support a project that helps boys?

The Because I am a Girl project is designed to help advance equal rights starting with girls, as they are one of the most vulnerable populations to human rights violations within the countries where we work. However, our projects offer meaningful impact for boys, too. Gender norms and negative stereotypes are harmful to boys and men, as well.

Gender equality benefits everyone, and it takes everyone being involved to achieve it, which is why we include boys, men, women and girls of all ages and community positions within our work. If we build a school, boys also attend. If we educate youth about sexual and reproductive health and rights, boys are informed too. It is only by working together that all children can be empowered and unlock their full potential within a more just and equal world.

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Your generous contributions will be matched 4 times by our funding partners meaning your support will reach more girls around the world.

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