You are determined to make a difference, and with Plan International Canada, you can!

You want to have a meaningful impact on the issues that matter the most to you – such as equality for girls, access to education and health care for young people – and you can.

You want to help create sustainable and impactful change – not just for one child at a time but on a community and systemic level – and you can.

Across the country, individual Canadians, families and foundations are working to bring about a more just world – one that advances children’s rights and equality for girls – by partnering with Plan International. As one of the largest and most trusted international development agencies in Canada, we can help you make the difference you want to see in the world.


Why choose Plan International

1Meaningful impact

You can increase your impact with a four- to 15-times match on most programs and initiatives to tackle the issues you care about most through our five areas of expertise: Education, Health, Protection From Violence, Youth Leadership & Economic Empowerment and Humanitarian Response & Resilience.

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2Globally connected, locally led

You can make a difference across the globe from right here at home. In 2023, our work reached 9.3 million  people in 53 countries, including 6.2 million children (3.2 million of them girls).

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3Trusted partner

You’ll be partnering with a trusted organization that gets things done. As the sixth-largest not-for-profit in Canada, we’ve been a leader in children’s rights for more than 85 years and are one of Global Affairs Canada’s major implementation partners around the world .

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4Focus on equality

You’ll help children improve their lives and create a world where all girls can learn, lead, decide and thrive – a world with All Girls Standing Strong.

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5Tangible success

You’ll get inspiring updates about the program you support and learn the true impact of the work you fund thanks to our rigorous results-based evaluation and reporting.

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6Opportunities to engage

You can go deeper with opportunities to meet with our program teams, take part in advocacy, travel to see your supported program first-hand and join with other like-minded supporters in our Equality Collective.

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Individual leadership giving

Woman leading meeting

People like you who are committed to children’s rights, equality for girls and social justice are partnering with Plan International Canada to help move the needle on programs that make a major difference on a systemic level.

You may know us for our sponsorship program – but, really, we are so much more. We build powerful partnerships with communities, local organizations and governments in more than 80 countries to make large-scale change. We tackle the root causes of big issues, and engaged global citizens like you are helping us do this. Check out our Top 10 priority projects below to see how you can have a major impact.

Giving as a family

Giving as a family is all about sharing. As a determined optimist committed to a better world, you share your resources to make an impact in a way that matters to you, but your generosity can also provide an opportunity to share your values and have meaningful conversations about what is important to your family. By engaging your children, grandchildren and even extended family in making a difference together, you create a powerful shared experience and demonstrate the importance of empathy, generosity and caring for others, ensuring that those values are instilled in each generation in a way that is meaningful to them.

Girl in school room

When you give together as a family, you not only have a meaningful impact on the cause you support; you also make a lasting impact on the relationships within your family. In fact, when children engage in charitable activities with their family while they’re growing up, they are more likely to be happy and feel close to their family later in life .

Foundation giving

Woman at meeting

You can amplify your foundation’s global impact and drive meaningful change in your areas of focus when you work with Plan International Canada.

Through customized strategies and programs that align with your mission, you can leverage our five areas of expertise and our resources in more than 80 countries worldwide to achieve better outcomes on pressing social issues in education, health, protection from violence, youth leadership & economic empowerment, and humanitarian response & resilience.

You’ll also be able to take part in opportunities to engage deeply with our subject-matter experts, who will share knowledge, present workshops and more, because we know that giving is not just a monetary investment; you are thoughtful about the impact you want to have and are invested in the outcomes.


Top 10 priority projects

You can create an even bigger impact and inspire others to give when you choose to fund one of our priority projects. Your investment in a program will be matched and leveraged to create a ripple effect, increasing the scale of your giving. Check out our priority projects below and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

1. Children in Crisis Response Fund
Child eating from a bowl

The first 72 hours in a crisis are everything, but a typical fundraising appeal can take weeks. This fund ensures that whenever a crisis arises, communities get aid within the critical three-day period, when children are most at risk.

2. Build healthy futures for girls
Matched 7x
Smiling girl

The LEAP (Lifting Healthy, Empowered and Protected Girls and Women in Cox’s Bazar) project works with communities and refugee camps in Bangladesh to improve access to health care and education on sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender-based violence.

3. Help girls become future leaders
Matched 7x
group of girls

The Thanaka: Girls’ Power in Myanmar project aims to ensure that girls have access to the same opportunities as boys, whether it’s to go to school, get a job or be a leader. Girls receive mentorship, entrepreneurship and employment training and information on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

4. Provide education to refugees
Matched 5x

The READ (Refugee Education and Development) project in Cameroon and Niger provides grants and training to 190 community-based, refugee-led education organizations reaching 39,000 children and youth.

5. Keep girls in school
Matched 4.5x
School girls

The KAGIS (Keeping Adolescent Girls in School) project in Tanzania challenges the social norms that cause girls to end their education before secondary school – such as child, early and forced marriage and adolescent pregnancy – and provides bursaries, school supplies and bicycles so girls can attend school.

6. Help children catch up in school
Matched 6x
Girl doing homework

The Uganda RISING (Reaching and Enrolling Out-of-School Children and Refugees in Schools & Accelerated Education) project offers school meals, scholarships, enrolment campaigns and new classrooms to help 100,000 out-of-school children resume their studies.

7. Support climate-resilient communities
Matched 7x
Children tending plants

The COSME (Conservation & Sustainable Management of Coastal & Marine Ecosystems) project in Kenya focuses on supporting women in climate-vulnerable areas by offering sustainable livelihood options, improved access to clean energy technologies, savings groups and more.

8. Global citizenship mentoring
Matched 4x
Girs in gender equality tshirts

Support youth in Canada to build leadership, public speaking and entrepreneurship skills, learn about what is happening in the world and advocate for change by taking part in programs such as Champions of Change, Speakers Bureau, Youth Council and The Power Within.

9. Advance gender equality for girls
Matched 5x
Girs in gender equality tshirts

Plan for Girls aims to advance gender equality in Benin and Cameroon by addressing the root causes of barriers that limit girls' education and sexual and reproductive health rights by providing mentoring and scholarships.

10. Eradicate TB & HIV
Matched 8x
Child under mosquito net

The Eradicate TB & HIV Epidemics project in Guinea aims to improve access to essential health care services in affected communities by expanding HIV testing and prevention in rural areas, enhancing tuberculosis screening for children, training health care providers and more.

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