Girl power

Girl power

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Girls have a unique ability to change the world and the lives of those around them. This gift is about unleashing that power in every girl. It’s about offering girls nourishment, education and protection. It’s about creating schools that are safe, and ensuring that girls are not forced into early and unsafe marriages. It’s about engaging boys and men to help achieve gender equality, and opening up economic opportunities to women so they can lead themselves and their families out of poverty. It’s about creating a world where every girl has the chance to harness her unique power to shape her own future and change the world.

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This gift is helping girls find their voice, and speak up for change.

In Colombia, this gift has already reached 36,000 girls, by supporting groups where girls can unite for change, new guidelines that make schools welcoming and nurturing for both girls and boys, and giving girls a say in political decisions.

This gift has helped girls claim their rights, speak out (loud and clear) and spark change in their communities.