Gifts of Hope are gifts that give back

Every year, Gifts of Hope reach millions around the world with life-changing gifts that give back. Gifts of Hope cannot be wrapped like regular gifts, but they do unwrap huge possibilities for those who receive them worldwide. They help provide goods and services like goats, school supplies, clean water access, essential health equipment and supplies to communities in need.

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I want to be even more globally conscious of what I give and receive, and really make a difference. Gifts of Hope make it easy. Every gift is a powerful chance to help share opportunities and right inequalities, so we can all contribute to creating the world we want to see, right now.

— Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Plan International Canada Global Ambassador & Star of Netflix’s hit show Never Have I Ever

Championing Change Together:
2022’s Gifts of Hope Story

From a thoughtful action to cascades of change, here’s what the collective power of Gifts of Hope helped achieve last year:

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School Meals

425,245+ children nourished with 4,195+ MT* of food, including take-home rations for girls at high risk of hunger

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Food Basket

302,950 people reached with food, emergency cash or vouchers, including 66,370+ MT* of food distributed to families fighting hunger

icon - Help Children in Emergencies

Help Children in Emergencies

10,650+ displaced and refugee children reached with vital support, helping keep them safe and with their families. 165+ safe learning and emotional well-being spaces established for children affected by crisis

icon - watering can

Plant a Community Garden

4,775+ people helped to grow sustainable, climate-resilient gardens, keeping their families and communities nourished

icon - girl power

Girl Power

93,645+ girls joined in activities to nurture their self-confidence and leadership skills
121,905+ people were equipped with info to spot and stop gender-based violence

icon - cash assistance

Cash Assistance in Crisis

196,195+ people accessed cash and vouchers to help meet their family’s most urgent needs after a disaster struck

icon - speech

LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces

13,365+ people, including youth, accessed spaces where they could safely learn about their rights and access legal, health and psychosocial support

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A matched gift multiplies your donation!

A matched gift means that your donation is matched by one of our government, foundation or organizational partners. Some gifts are multiplied up to eight times! Matched gifts are the perfect way to make an even greater impact for children and families.

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Most Needed Gifts

During global emergencies like hunger, conflict, climate change and COVID-19, children – especially girls – suffer first and the most as access to food, shelter, social support and health care are threatened or destroyed. The fallout from climate shocks, conflict and COVID-19 destroys lives, crops and livelihoods. Add to that record-breaking food costs and one person is estimated to be dying from hunger every four seconds. What’s worse, 70% of the world’s hungry are girls and women because when food is scarce, they eat last and the least. Help us save lives – timing is critical.

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How Gifts of Hope Bundles Boost Everyone’s Health

Join Dr. Juan, a dedicated health worker from Bolivia, as he takes us through the remarkable journey of health improvements in his community. Discover how Plan International Canada's Achieving Reproductive Rights in Bolivia project*, in combination with Gifts of Hope such as Equip Health Care Workers and Protect Girls’ Health Rights, has helped to achieve lasting, positive change in the health and well-being of adolescents and women in Bolivia.

*In partnership with the Government of Canada

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How your Gift of Hope can make a lasting impact


Desiree Buitenbos

World Water Day: 10 facts you didn’t know about water 

844 million people around the world don’t have access to safe drinkable water. Let us take a moment to consider how a lack of access to clean water not only jeopardizes community health, but negatively impact the lives of girls and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your Gift of Hope questions.

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Are Gifts of Hope available year-round? 

Yes. While Gifts of Hope make meaningful holiday and Christmas gifts for the hard-to-shop-for people in your life, you can purchase Gifts of Hope at any time of year.

Do you guarantee that my money will be directed to the gift donation I’ve chosen?

The money collected toward a particular Gift of Hope funds the community-based project the gift supports. If money raised exceeds project requirements or cannot be used as planned due to unforeseen circumstances, it will go toward supporting similar activities for children and communities in need.

Will I get a tax receipt for my Gifts of Hope donation? 

Yes. Whether you buy a gift in your own name or on behalf of someone else, you will receive a tax receipt for any donation above $25. The amount will be included on your annual income-tax receipt, which is mailed in February every year. (CRA charity registration # 11892 8993 RR0001) 

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Gifts of Hope are real gifts that go to real projects in the communities where Plan International Canada works.

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