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Girls have a unique ability to change the world and the lives of those around them. This gift is about unleashing that power in every girl. It’s about offering girls nourishment, education and protection.

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Filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends and sugar, it’s a basic food basket with an impact that is anything but. This gift of food for thousands of pregnant women, mothers and young children under five who are malnourished is a critical step to prevent a slide into a life-and-death situation and instead restore children to health. Basket by basket, you’ll be saving lives.


This gift goes wherever the greatest needs are for children across more than 50 countries around the world. It provides everything from urgent and essential care for newborns to nutritious food for families to aid for communities in crises…and so much more. Give this gift to help reach those who need it most, no matter what arises.

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This is one of our most popular gifts. It's fun to give and to receive. And, most importantly, it can be life-changing for families, who can then provide protein-rich goat's milk to their children, especially girls. And selling goat offspring means they can also pay for essentials like education and food.

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Help reach refugee and internally displaced children at the most critical time. Besides providing basic food, water, and shelter, this gift keeps children safe, reuniting them with their families and giving them hope that life will once again feel normal.

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Fill schools in low-income countries with all the essentials to give students the best possible education and the best possible start to life. With this gift, you'll help provide basics such as textbooks and pencils and you'll be funding essential school meal programs and teacher training.

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During disasters, children may be separated from their families, and girls are at risk of being trafficked or experiencing violence and forced labour. Plan International responds immediately, providing families with shelter, food, clean water, household essentials and medical supplies as well as ensuring children are safe.

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Did you know that more than 400,000 people die each year from malaria? Mosquito nets that are treated with insecticide and last up to three years are a simple and effective preventative solution. This gift provides families with mosquito nets and training in how to use them. According to the World Health Organization, 95% of the world’s malaria cases are in Africa. Children under five are most at risk because they have yet to develop any immunity.

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When you don’t have access to clean water, you’ll go to any lengths to find it. The burden of finding safe drinking water usually falls on girls, who must travel long distances every day – missing school and leaving them vulnerable to risky situations along the way.

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Help ensure that classrooms of children enjoy daily hot lunches, protein-rich snacks and the benefits of healthy nutrition to grow and fuel learning. This gift supplies school kitchens with nutritious ingredients, cookware and clean water to make that happen.

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Support families who are displaced or experiencing hunger with food vouchers, cash and e-transfers. This gift enables women to secure basic necessities for their children during an emergency. It's the kind of assistance that makes a world of difference for a family enduring difficult times.

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A farmload of animals makes for a farmload of food, income and hope. This gift of farm animals divided up among families in a community will help feed children and generate income to pay for housing, health care and education.

Gifts of Hope support important causes

You can feel good about giving Gifts of Hope because they work double duty: delighting your loved ones at home with an inspiring gift and supporting today’s most important causes.

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Goats delivered benefiting 19,000+ people


PPE/hygiene items delivered to people most in need


Female health care workers accessed training

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