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    Mother holiding her child

What is #changethebirthstory?

The #ChangetheBirthStory campaign is about raising awareness on several key topics such as adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, maternal and newborn health as well as gender equality. The campaign mainly highlights one of our gender transformative* Gender transformative projects have an explicit rights-based intention to transform unequal gender power relations which are often at the heart of many disadvantages faced by women and girls; the focus goes beyond improving the condition of women and girls to improve their social position. Gender transformative projects address the root causes of gender inequality and promote the value of women and girls   health projects called Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children (SHOW) supported by the Government of Canada.

Who do we work with to #changethebirthstory?

Click on a group below to read more about how Plan International Canada, through our SHOW project is supporting adolescents, men, women and health workers to #ChangetheBirthStory in their communities and engaging people in Canada to champion this work.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic this project is adapting to focus on raising awareness and implementation of gender-responsive, community-based protective measures against COVID-19. During the pandemic, we are reaching over 700,000 community members through the following activities:

  • Sourcing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Helping the continuity of safe, gender-responsive, adolescent friendly MNCH/SRH services
  • Training and building capacity of over 6,000 health care workers
Rickshaw driver

How Rickshaws are helping #ChangethebirthStory

In Bangladesh, the Infant Mortality Rate is 38/1000 live births (5/1000 in Canada). Many of these deaths can be attributed to lack of awareness and access to healthcare services. But with the help of an innovative mode of transportation, driven by advocates for gender equality, more pregnant women can now access life-saving healthcare services!

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Impact stories

These are the inspiring stories of people who are directly impacted by our programs.

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Young pregnant girl
Early marriage is a regrettable experience that every lady will not want to experience. It is very common in this community. We are all victims of early marriage which we have all regretted. We wish to have the opportunity to reverse the hands of time.
A married adolescent girl in Ghana.
[There are] long queues at the clinic, no medicines available at the clinic but women are asked to buy. No doctor at the clinic, nurses insulting and mocking young girls. No money for transportation.
Older woman in Ghana.
Young girl with baby
During the delivery no one told me what to do to take care of myself.
A girl from Plan Canada-supported communities in Senegal.