Plan International is active in more than 75 countries, working in places where the violations of children’s rights are the greatest and where we can create lasting, positive change.

As part of a passionate global community, we partner with children, families, communities and governments to help all children reach their full potential.

Supporting children around the world

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Use the interactive map below to find out which countries we work in! Click on Africa, Asia or the Americas above the map to discover where throughout these continents we have active projects helping children and communities thrive. On the bottom of the map you’ll see an option to view an entire list of countries, where Plan International works as well as our donor countries.


Plan International’s global impact

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, over 50 million children were reached in 2021.

22+ million

Girls, boys, women and men were reached with quality, inclusive education

37+ million

Children and adults were reached by our emergency response work

700,000 +

Community members were trained in gender equality

Stories from Around the World


Desiree Buitenbos

Meet the boys who are working to end period shaming in Uganda

Boys and men can play a role in breaking down menstruation taboos. See how we’re working with them to keep more girls in school and end period shaming.

The cause

Girls are denied their rights more often than any other group worldwide, which is why gender equality is critically important to safeguarding and advancing children’s rights. Plan International Canada’s work seeks to support children, especially girls, access education and economic opportunities and to stay safe from child marriage and gender-based violence.

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How we work

As an inclusive charity, Plan International Canada uses a gender transformative approach to create sustainable change and advance children’s rights and equality for girls worldwide.

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