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SEEING THE RESULTS: Our work to help mothers and children

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Becoming a mom shouldn’t be a game of risk – it should be the happiest day of your life. But for many mothers, pregnancy and childbirth is an undertaking full of danger. In fact, 358,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth every year. 


Plan Canada and other Canadian organizations played an important role in making sure that maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) was a top priority for the Canadian government at the G8 Summit in 2010. As a result, the Muskoka initiative was born. The initiative was formed to address the significant gaps in the health of mothers, newborns and children in developing countries.

With donations from more than 25,500 generous Canadians and funding from the Canadian government, Plan began work to address the health of mothers, newborns and children in communities across 7 countries. Have a look at the impact Plan has made through its life-saving work:



Plan International’s work in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania and Zimbabwe is providing life-saving health care to mothers, newborns and children in 2,753 hard-to-reach communities. In 2013, more than:

  • 63,000 health workers were trained in MNCH
  • 256,000 women received essential health care before, during or after childbirth
  • 640,000 infants and children received vaccinations, medications and treatments to keep them alive.

As of September, 2013, in just 5 of the countries listed above, our impact has made the difference for thousands:

  • 18% more women received care from a skilled health provider during their pregnancy.
  • 16% more mothers and newborns received health care within 3 days of childbirth.
  • 6% more live births were attended by a skilled health provider.
  • And 25% more children were vaccinated against measles.


Though we’ve seen a lot of success, our work is far from over. Now, it’s critical that we maintain momentum and stay the course so that women, newborns and children both survive and thrive.

Together, we’re saving the lives of thousands of moms and children. Imagine what more we can do.

This project receives financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD)...


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