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Gifts of Hope are not symbolic gifts – they are real gifts that change real lives. No matter the occasion, you can create lasting impact by giving a Gift of Hope. Each gift will bring tangible goods and vital services abroad to children and families that need them most.

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Gifts that give back

Gifts of Hope are real gifts that give back to change real lives. No matter the occasion, you can create lasting impact by giving a Gift of Hope which will bring tangible goods and vital services to children and families who need it most.

Gifts that give back

Have you ever given a gift that gives twice: first touching hearts at home, and then reaching lives around the world? When you give a Gift of Hope, not only will you inspire your special recipient, you'll also help do real good – whether helping children access clean water, education or health care; enabling families to become more economically empower; or ensuring more girls can realize their rights and unleash their full potential.

Many charitable giving programs direct your donation as they see fit. But Gifts of Hope are different – your donation goes to the specific gift you choose. For example, when you purchase a goat a family in countries like Cameroon or Zambia receives a goat, plus trainings and support. Your Gift of Hope helps empower that family to care for their livestock and grow a successful, sustainable farm, and a source of income.

During these unprecedented times, your Gifts of Hope can also stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable, remote or densely populated communities by providing critical supplies like soap, hand sanitizer, wipes and temperature sensors and masks.

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Girl Power
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COVID-19 kits
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Want to more than double your donation?

You can more than double your donations with a matched gift. Your gift can be multiplied by up to 9 times by one of our government, foundation and organizational partners.

Matched gifts are the perfect way to multiply your impact and give more children the gift of hope, helping more families live better lives, and transforming more communities.

Help Children in Emergencies
Girl Power
Mosquito Net

How matching works

Our generous matching partners will match your donation several times over, multiplying the value and impact of your gift.

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How do I know which gifts are matched?

Look for the “Matched” symbol while browsing online, through our catalogue or shop our matched gifts category.

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Livestock gifts help families launch thriving farms to generate more income for their children's health, nutrition and educational needs.

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Empower girls

Help empower girls and women in developing regions with gifts that are designed to support their unique needs.

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Help supply schools and give children and students access to the futures they deserve with education gifts.

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Help create healthy communities with gifts that provide vital health care services and supplies to those who need it most.

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Transformative investment

Explore transformative investment gifts and bring long term change to families and communities.

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COVID-19 Response

Help flatten the curve and save lives with gifts that provide supplies and care to protect families and communities against COVID-19.

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Best sellers

Can't decide on a gift? Browse our Gift of Hope bestsellers for gifts that will not only delight but will make a large impact.

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Gifts under $50

Looking for affordable gifts that will make a big difference? Browse our collection of gifts under $50.

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Real results, providing global impact

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Goats delivered, benefiting 19,000+ people

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PPE/hygiene items delivered to people most in need

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Female health care workers accessed training

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People accessed menstrual hygiene management training

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people provided with food assistance

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Children sent vital resources in emergencies

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School essentials distributed, benefiting 316,000 children

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Girls supported through the girl power gift

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Children provided with distance-learning solutions

Why Is Giving Important

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In several rural Zambian communities, many families struggled to overcome poverty, facing harsh hurdles like limited resources and agricultural crises. Often the income that many parents could earn went straight to feeding their children, leaving little available for school, medicine and other essentials – and leaving children’s full potential behind.

14-year-old Monica’s story was similar, until the life-changing moment when one generous Canadian chose to Defy Normal holiday conventions and give a goat Gift of Hope.