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A ball of fluff, combined with powerful income-generating ability: this gift is irresistibly sweet and undeniably life-changing. Once the chicks mature, they can help feed a family with their nutritious eggs, provide an income for women, and teach girls important poultry management skills to crack open a brighter, better and bigger future.

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Young women can't make decisions about their lives when they're grappling with harmful stereotypes and barriers that block their access to quality health care. This gift provides funds to purchase health supplies, complete clinic renovations, train medical staff and establish safe spaces where adolescent girls can access sexual and reproductive health information.

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For girls seeking refuge from violence or natural disasters, this gift holds much more than everyday essentials. Filled to the brim with soap, toothpaste and sanitary products like menstrual pads, this kit protects girls’ health, promotes hygiene and prevents stigmatization so girls can carry on with confidence.

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This gift supports women and youth in growing eco-conscious businesses. It works to sustain environments, food availability and incomes with training and supplies for ventures like seaweed farming, mushroom foraging and beekeeping. It also helps protect regions vulnerable to climate change with community-led initiatives like mangrove planting and conservation to reduce storm dangers and damage.

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Did you know that the humble little bee is responsible for pollinating approximately one-third of the food we eat? This gift of Buzzing Bees helps women earn an income to pay for housing, health care and food, and it also helps local crops thrive.

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Fill schools in low-income countries with all the essentials to give students the best possible education and the best possible start to life. With this gift, you'll help provide basics such as textbooks and pencils and you'll be funding essential school meal programs and teacher training.

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Although gender roles often place women at the centre of child care, families are stronger and children are happier when dads are equally involved. This gift makes that happen.

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Did you know that more than 400,000 people die each year from malaria? Mosquito nets that are treated with insecticide and last up to three years are a simple and effective preventative solution. This gift provides families with mosquito nets and training in how to use them. According to the World Health Organization, 95% of the world’s malaria cases are in Africa. Children under five are most at risk because they have yet to develop any immunity.

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Help refugees access urgent life-saving resources while also providing long-term support to assist in their recovery. This gift will provide immediate needs such as food, hygiene kits and urgent psychological support. Long term, this gift funds mental health services, savings and loan groups and agriculture tools and training.

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Girls in many parts of the world want to continue their studies but don't have the means. This gift provides girls in low-income countries with the support they need to carry on with their schooling.

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As climate crises threaten lives and livelihoods, young people know what needs to change. This gift gives them the tools to make it happen. With it, youth will participate in advocacy training, contribute to action plans and influence climate policy at all political levels. With this gift, you’ll help youth stand up for what’s right for our planet and future generations.

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This gift provides the safety, spaces and supplies children need for a chance to enjoy their childhoods and talents in full swing. You’ll help organize inclusive sports clubs where girls can equally participate and where teamwork can unite youth in challenging circumstances, like refugee camps. This gift knocks it out of the park!

Gifts of Hope support important causes

You can feel good about giving Gifts of Hope because they work double duty: delighting your loved ones at home with an inspiring gift and supporting today’s most important causes.

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