Holiday gifting, meet your match: with matched Gifts of Hope, more good goes into the world.

If you spot a little green number symbol by a gift (like the image above), that’s your clue that this gift has a matching opportunity. But what does that mean?

Our very own Gifts of Hope Goat-bassador, GG, will explain how you can maximize the value of your holiday giving with ethical gifts that really go the distance.

GG’S formula for doing more good




(Now that’s a calculation that just makes good sense!)

GG pointing
GG pointing at blackboard GG pointing at blackboard

Here are some of my favourite matched Gifts of Hope that will magically multiply with your “purchase” click:

Help reach refugee and internally displaced children at the most critical time. Besides providing basic food, water, and shelter, this gift keeps children safe, reuniting them with their families and giving them hope that life will once again feel normal.

Matched by 5x $75
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Filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends and sugar, it’s a basic food basket with an impact that is anything but. This gift of food for thousands of pregnant women, mothers and young children under five who are malnourished is a critical step to prevent a slide into a life-and-death situation and instead restore children to health. Basket by basket, you’ll be saving lives.

Matched by 7x $50
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Girls have a unique ability to change the world and the lives of those around them. This gift is about unleashing that power in every girl. It’s about offering girls nourishment, education and protection.

Matched by 8x $100
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How gift-matching works

When a gift is matched it means that one of our generous partners – such as government or institutional donors – has committed to multiply the value of your gift (sometimes many times over). This means your gift will help reach more children and families, transforming more lives in global communities that are facing enormous challenges.

For example If you buy a $50 food basket Gift of Hope for your friend, our partners will multiply it 7x, which means seven more baskets can go to families. Or your single $45 back-to-school kit Gift of Hope (perhaps given to a special teacher) can multiply into a total value of $270 because there is a 5x match; that means 5 more kits can help children receive the supplies they need to learn. Pretty great, right?

Matching gifts chart
girl power gift

In fact, girl power, our highest-matched Gift of Hope, has an 8x match, which means one gift turns into nine!

Talk about a truly power-packed gift.

GG sitting with gifts GG sitting with gifts

And we’ve got MANY more matched gift options to make your giving really stack up! Care for a peek?

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