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Help refugee children

Help reach refugee and internally displaced children at the most critical time. Besides providing basic food, water, and shelter, this gift keeps children safe, reuniting them with their families and giving them hope that life will once again feel normal. It protects girls vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, sets up safe spaces for children to learn and play, opens opportunities for continued education and also provides healthcare, medicine and training for health workers. Help get children out of the headlines, and into a world where they feel safe.

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When disaster hits, children are separated from their families, and girls are open to the risk of trafficking, violence and forced labour.

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You’ve just received an extra-special gift – the gift of give to where the need is greatest. It doesn’t come wrapped with ribbons and bows, and you’ll never hold it in your hands. The magic of this gift is that it will support projects in areas like maternal and newborn health, education and livelihood, transforming the lives of children around the world. This gift – made in your name – will support the Plan International Canada fund each month, changing lives all year long.

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When you don’t have access to clean water, you’ll go to any lengths to find it. The burden of finding safe drinking water usually falls on girls, who must travel long distances every day – missing school and leaving them vulnerable to risky situations along the way.

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