Help Plan International Canada mobilize vital resources in the most critical moments following a disaster. We work with communities to ensure your support reaches the people and places that need it most, addressing both the urgent and longer-term needs of children and families in crisis.


Emergency relief fund 

Children in Crisis Response Fund

Children in Crisis Response Fund will help launch our global emergency response teams within 72 hours of a crisis outbreak. With your donation our emergency response teams will be ready to respond fast to the immediate and longer-term needs of children, especially girls, and their families.

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Beti, 15, washes dishes outside the family's shelter

World food crisis

Today, one out of every nine people is hungry. Lives are on the line, and time and resources are running out for children caught in the worst world hunger crisis in decades. Girls are especially at risk because when food is scarce, they eat last and the least. They are also the first to be pulled from school and made to work or even sold into child marriage to help their families make ends meet.

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Woman, holding a baby by office buildings.

Help families fleeing deadly attacks in Ukraine

Brutal attacks against Ukraine have forced families to flee. These children and families urgently need us to show our solidarity and support. Plan International’s emergency teams have mobilized into immediate action at the borders of Poland, Moldova and Romania, where thousands of refugees have gathered. With your help, you can help provide lifesaving supplies and much-needed relief.

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