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International Day of the Girl – October 11

Celebrate the power and potential of girls!

October 11th Day of the Girl

The International Day of the Girl gives us a powerful way to highlight the needs and rights of girls, and to advocate for greater action and investment to enable girls to reach their full potential.

Today, girls still face discrimination in many parts of the world simply because they are girls. They face unique challenges such as barriers to education and opportunities to make a living, early and forced marriage, and poverty.

And yet, we know investing in girls is key to creating a brighter, safer future for everyone.

When girls are educated, healthy and informed, they lift themselves, their children and their entire communities out of poverty.

Join us in the global celebration of girls!

How to celebrate Day of the Girl

Two palms with equals signs painted on them

Take the pledge

Pledge your support for girls’ rights and help create a #BrighterFuture – because we are all equal.

Take the Pledge
young girl

Sponsor a girl

Create a brighter future for one special girl and empower her with the skills, resources and education to break the cycle of poverty

Learn more about sponsoring a girl

baby girl

Learn more

When you invest in a girl, the whole world benefits. Find out why investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty.

Why girls

Two young fundraisers at their Pink LemonAid stand

Other ways to get involved

Support the Because I am a Girl initiative and help create a brighter future for girls everywhere.

Get ideas on how you can support girls rights

Brighter future mosaic

Join the #BrighterFuture movement

Share a note of inspiration, real or virtual, and create a powerful statement of support for girls’ rights globally.

Join the movement