5 Ways to End Poverty  

Help children in emergencies GOH FY21 - Eunice, 6, plays game at day centre set up by Plan International in Eastern Equatorial state

5 Tools to end poverty


Poverty is often passed from one generation to the next. Plan International gives children, families and communities the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. These include: 


1. Quality education

Education provides children with the knowledge and life skills to realize their full potential. Plan International helps children access quality education by training teachers, building new schools and breaking down barriers that prevent many children –  girls in particular – from attending and staying in school.

2. Access to Health care

Access to health care is essential. Plan International helps communities build health clinics, train health care workers and invest in equipment and medicine, so children can grow up healthy and strong.

3. Water & sanitation

Water and sanitation are also essential for every child's survival. Plan International helps communities build school latrines and community water points. We also help establish organizations to ensure water points' continued management and maintenance.

4. Economic security

Economic security means people have the skills and resilience to withstand hard economic times and grow their incomes. Plan International works to overcome poverty by helping communities around the world gain the financial security they need to thrive. We work with partners to provide skills training and education to help people secure a livelihood and support their families.

5. Child participation

Child participation means that children are at the center of everything we do. Plan International helps children learn their rights and take active roles within their community. Child participation helps children engage in citizenship, express their views and make decisions that will shape their future and influence the people around them.


You can also help end poverty

Although ending poverty will be no easy feat, increasing access to the necessities listed above are crucial in helping children, families and entire communities lift themselves out of poverty.

You can help by supporting our work in developing countries around the world.




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