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Four young girls sitting against a wall Four young girls sitting against a wall

Children are at the heart of everything we do.

Plan International works with communities to build schools, educate teachers, dig wells, open health clinics, provide vocational training, innovate to improve crop yields, provide loans to start small businesses, and much more.

Funds from child sponsorship, community sponsorship, project sponsorship, partnerships and grants, Gifts of Hope, and one-time donations, including emergency relief efforts, make it possible for us to do whatever is needed to create an environment where children, families and communities in the developing world can thrive.

On average, Plan International works with communities for 10 to 12 years before successfully phasing out. During that time, we help community members build the capacity and skills needed to grow their community for generations to come.

Children are at the heart of everything we do. Plan International is a child-centered community development organization. We work with children, their families, communities, other organizations and local governments to bring about positive change. When children and adults work together as part of the change process, it is more likely that programs will be successful and sustainable.

Karen Jackson

A message from Patsy Anderson, Chair, Plan International Canada Board of Directors

Organizational trust and transparency is one of the core responsibilities of the Board. A diverse group, this team brings different perspectives and areas of expertise to the table. We carefully consider strategic decisions – including whether or not Plan International should accept offers from other organizations to join forces. We are committed to maintaining the tradition of excellence in governance and accountability oversight. We owe that to our supporters and all the people whose lives we touch, both here in Canada and around the world.

Patsy Anderson signature,
Chair of the Board