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Equip Health Workers

Health care workers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, often guarding and protecting their communities without the equipment they need to protect themselves. This gift supplies health care workers and their health facilities with sanitizers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), transport or mobile clinic vehicles for hard-to-reach communities, training and even digital tools to stay informed on key updates and continue to help provide essential services. This gift can help empower our health heroes by giving them what they need to keep safely doing what they do best: save lives.

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This innovative solution to water contamination is crystal clear! With these solar-powered kits, communities impacted by droughts and floods, or unable to drill wells, can get clean drinking water – fast. Accompanied by training at remote schools, this gift boosts students’ health and attendance, distilling out a fresh source of hope.


This gift goes wherever the greatest needs are for children across more than 50 countries around the world. It provides everything from urgent and essential care for newborns to nutritious food for families to aid for communities in crises…and so much more. Give this gift to help reach those who need it most, no matter what arises.

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This gift funds Health Worker Training for Women, from midwives to community health volunteers to nurses. It also supports efforts to strengthen local health systems and services so that the people most at risk, especially women and children, have access to quality care.

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