Child Sponsorship Map: Your video guide into their communities

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Lights. Camera. Action!

Young filmmakers who took part in mobile journalism training hand the camera over to 40+ sponsored children to introduce their family and their community.

Check out our interactive video map and let the children take you on a virtual trip around the world. They’ll share how sponsorship is making a difference in their lives! Start your journey in Brazil. Click the map and meet Josenilcy. She’s been a sponsored child for 11 years.


Sponsor a child today to help create a more equal world for all

When you become a child sponsor, you help tackle some of the biggest issues in low-income areas. Your sponsorship can help a child and their friends, families and neighbours access essentials like*:

  • Safer schools with inspiring, well-equipped classrooms
  • Clean drinking water and health services
  • Nutritious food
  • Information, tools and supplies they need to protect their rights. This could include training on how to identify and report abuse, workshops on hygiene practices and the distribution of menstrual pads.
  • Chances to participate in activities such as art workshops, vegetable and fruit gardening, drama clubs, sports teams, disaster prevention scenarios (which can even include swim lessons!) or savings groups and small business support for parents.

*Dependent on what communities help identify as greatest needs and opportunities

Children, families and communities are always involved in designing sponsorship programs to suit their local needs. This ensures their continued involvement in supporting these sustainable changes.

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