Plan International Canada is fortunate to partner with advocates who devote their time, energy and public profile to our mission.

Our Celebrated Ambassadors, including Lisa LaFlamme, Sarah Rafferty and Cheryl Hickey, are champions who take a stand with and for children everywhere – especially girls.


Madame Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Gender equality advocate

“When women and girls have the opportunity to realize their full potential, there are no limits to their greatness. I have had the privilege to meet and learn from several Plan International Canada Youth Ambassadors who prove, time and time again, that good things happen when everyone is given equal opportunity to thrive and contribute to society.”


Maitreyi Ramakrishnan


“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to stand up and speak out for the people this world has left behind. Like the millions of girls who can’t get to school safely or who are forced into child marriage or denied their rights to reproductive health care. Even in my lifetime, I’ve seen incredible progress for girls’ rights, but it’s too slow and too fragile. That’s why I’m using my voice to bring attention and action to the countless injustices and barriers girls still face around the world.”


Sarah Rafferty


“What moved me most on my visit to Ghana was meeting the children who Plan International Canada programs are a lifeline for. They are kids, the same as my girls in the U.S. – with the same dreams and aspirations; the same rights and needs. What’s not equal is the way those rights and needs are met, or the access they have to the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make their dreams come true. I want to help change that. ”


Anna Silk


“When I had my first son and was in the hospital surrounded by everything I needed for us both to stay healthy – doctors, nurses, medicine, equipment, etc. – it hit me how lucky I was. Millions of women and girls around the world don’t have access to the health resources they need, and I want to help change that. ”


Karma Grant

Animated Ambassador

“Hi, I'm Karma, from the hit Netflix show, Karma’s World! I’m so excited to be Plan International's first-ever animated Global Ambassador. I believe girls can do anything. And that includes using music to make things better for the people around us. I use music to talk about important issues, and I want to encourage other kids to express themselves too. I dream of a future where every girl has the power to speak up and say, sing, write or even rap what’s in her heart. Every girl, everywhere in the world, should have the right to learn what she wants and stand up for what she believes in.”

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Cheryl Hickey

Host, ET Canada

“It’s an honour to be a Celebrated Ambassador for Plan International Canada. There are so many girls around the world who have to fight just to go to school, let alone to have their voices heard. As a woman and a mother, I am so grateful to work with Plan International Canada and be a part of the movement, so that girls everywhere have a fair and equal chance to achieve their dreams.”


Samra Zafar

Author, speaker & advocate

“It is necessary to break the silence for the millions of silences still waiting to be broken. This is exactly why I was inspired to join forces as a Celebrated Ambassador – to spread awareness for the work Plan International Canada does to help end child marriage and challenge gender norms.”


Lisa LaFlamme

Former Chief News Anchor/Senior Editor CTV National News

“Children suffer the worst burden of inequality, particularly girls. Though we see egregious violations of their rights every day, it’s the incredible potential of the young and empowered that gives me great hope. I’m proud to work with Plan International Canada because children – girls – are not just the leaders of tomorrow; they’re the leaders of today and it’s our duty to ensure they have access to the education, opportunities and rights they need to thrive.”


Greta Hodgkinson

Artist in residence, the National Ballet of Canada

“Growing up, ballet was about much more than dance. It taught me focus and discipline, and about relationships – both with others and myself. As a girl, ballet helped me build the confidence to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted to. That’s why I am so proud to be a Celebrated Ambassador, because when children – especially girls – have access to education and opportunity, it can change their lives.”


Jen Heil

Olympic champion

“In Burkina Faso, as in many other low-income countries, I witnessed some of the challenges girls face, like having fewer opportunities than boys and often being last in their families to go to school. I found this a difficult reality to accept but was heartened by evidence of change. For example, I visited classrooms filled with girls who would not otherwise be in school were it not for scholarships from Plan International. ”


Rosey Edeh

Olympian & TV personality

“I will never forget how invigorating it was to visit the maternal health clinic in Tanzania, especially with my daughter. There was so much hope and love in those walls, and most importantly, so much hard work being done to support women and children. It’s work that will literally save lives, which is why I am so proud to be a Celebrated Ambassador.”


Rod Black

Sports anchor

“In three decades of covering news and sports, you witness some of humanity's highest highs, but also some of the lowest lows. The world is not an equal place for all, and through working with Plan International Canada, I am trying to contribute what I can to ensuring children, and especially girls, are protected and given an opportunity to thrive, no matter where they come from.”


Martine Gaillard

Sports anchor

“Growing up, I didn’t have many female sportscasters to look up to, so I didn’t really believe that I could do it. When I first started in the business I’d get asked if I really knew my stuff. And nearly 20 years later, people still question whether I ‘really like sports’ purely because I’m a woman. So, for me, being a Celebrated Ambassador is about showing girls that they can achieve any dream and encouraging them to continue challenging the gender expectations that dare to hold them back.”

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