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A sponsored child in Guatemala

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Child sponsorship is a unique and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child, family and community.

Breaking the cycle of poverty often begins with education. With new classrooms, school supplies and teacher training, children can gain the knowledge they need to build a brighter future.

Child Sponsorship also helps provide access to basics like health care – all for about $1 a day, just $39 a month. Your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable gift.

A child is waiting for you! Sponsor a child today.

  • Adequate nutrition, so children get enough to eat
  • Water and sanitation, a basic right we take for granted
  • Healthcare, so children don’t die from preventable diseases
  • Education, so children learn important lessons for their future
  • Family income so parents can support their children

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Three reasons why you should sponsor a child with Plan:

1. Sponsorship benefits the sponsored child.
Image of Carlos - Now and then

“I was a very poor child in Colombia, but my Canadian sponsor showed me the world through her letters. Now I am 48, with an MBA and have traveled to 15 countries. Thank you Plan and my sponsor Miss Louise Miller!”

Carlos Aparicio, MBA

Plan Colombia board member and former sponsored child

2. Child Sponsorship benefits the whole community.
Image of Kaitlyn with sponsored children

“I went to visit my sponsored child, Ruby in Ghana, Africa The money from sponsors funds so many amazing projects that benefit both sponsored children and the children in their community. It makes more of a difference than you can even imagine!”

Kaitlyn Strickland

Plan Canada child sponsor

3. Sponsorship benefits YOU!
A sponsored child writing a letter

"I have been writing back and forth with my sponsored child for about 5 years now and – still – few things bring me as much joy as coming home to see a letter on my floor with that Plan logo on it, knowing it could be a letter, translated to English, sent all the way from a small village in Africa”

April Jensen

Plan Canada child sponsor

About Plan

Founded in 1937, Plan is one of the world’s oldest and largest charities, working to end global poverty. Inclusive of all faiths and cultures, Plan has only one purpose: to improve the lives of children.

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