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At Plan International Canada, we are constantly balancing our commitment to ensure that the maximum amount of money is spent on programs that directly benefit children. Our focus is to meet and grow our commitments to children, as well as the more than 86,000 communities we work with over the long term.


How donations reach communities

Plan International has a long-term presence in the communities where we work, partnering with children, families, community organizations and governments. Our diverse funding sources help us develop sustainable solutions together to unleash human potential around the globe.

Child Sponsorship contributions go to community development projects that nurture the power and potential of children and their communities while also allowing us to establish trusting relationships and implement sustainable change. Designated contributions – such as major financial donations, Gifts of Hope and ongoing contributions to specific projects – go to the project identified by the donor.

In all cases, donated funds support projects developed in partnership with community members – including children, especially girls – to address inequality and create a just world.

Where our support comes from


revenue chart
 Government & other grants 46.1%
 Child Sponsorship 28.5%
 Gifts in kind 12.7%
 Contributions, gifts & bequests 12.5%
 Investments & other income 0.2%
Total revenue: $237 M

Where our money goes

expenditures chart


How our resources were used

 Program expenditures 81.1%
 Fundraising 12.0%
 Operations 6.9%
Total expenditures: $231 M

Program expenditures

Areas of work this funding supported

expenditures chart
 Health, water & sanitation 30.8%
 Humanitarian response 25.1%
 Sexual & reproductive health 15.1%
 Education 11.0%
 Child protection 7.3%
 Strengthening human rights & civic engagement 4.9%
 Economic security 3.4%
 Sponsorship communications 2.4%
 Total expenditures 100.0%


Plan International Canada is committed to keeping our administrative costs low, so that the greatest percentage of donations goes directly to programs advancing children’s rights.

In the fiscal year 2021, we spent 19 cents of each dollar raised on fundraising and operations costs. The remaining 81 cents supported programs that positively impact children and their communities around the world.

Our policies ensure that the maximum amount of money benefits children in the countries in which we operate and that we can also grow our community of supporters to ensure we deliver on our long-term commitments. This enables us to keep our programs well funded and to make sure our impact is effective and sustainable.

Past annual reviews

Past Annual reviews

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