Girl in yellow dress reaching for goat, chicken and cow in picture too.

A farmload of animals

Price: $195.00

A farmload of animals makes for a farmload of food, income and hope. This gift of farm animals divided up between families in a community will help feed children and generate income to pay for housing, health care and education. Animals like chickens, pigs, sheep and goats help teach livestock management skills, growing generations of children that are able to provide for themselves and their families. 

Strong, healthy families, make for strong healthy communities, making for robust, vibrant nations — the true harvest of this gift!

Because of this gift, some of the most marginalized women in 100 villages in Pakistan are now among the most successful animal breeders in the country, able to nourish their children and generate an income by selling the milk and breeding their livestock.

This gift means so much to those families, many of whom are headed by women: not only food, milk and income, but also hope that a better life really is possible.

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