Girl smiling while kneeling next to two cattle and a goat

A farmload of animals

Price: $195.00

A farmload of animals makes for a farmload of food, income and hope. This gift of farm animals divided up between families in a community will help feed children and generate income to pay for housing, health care and education. Animals like chickens, pigs, sheep and goats help teach livestock management skills, growing generations of children that are able to provide for themselves and their families. 

Strong, healthy families, make for strong healthy communities, making for robust, vibrant nations — the true harvest of this gift!

What started as 12 sheep and 5 piglets sent to a school in Zimbabwe, soon became a thriving agricultural income generator that earned the school enough funds to build a girls' dormitory – helping hundreds of girls receive a quality education. "The students are doing very well, so I want to thank you very much,” acknowledges school head Mr. Tembo. Just a few well-cared-for animals can grow into a profitable business and endless possibility thanks to the livestock management training that accompanies this gift.

Now 490 students are benefitting from this exceptional learning environment complete with food, clean water, school supplies, gender-separate latrines and qualified teachers – all financed through the farms’ earnings, and a few generous Gift of Hope givers!

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