Literacy training for 2 women

Literacy training for 2 women

Price: $120.00

What if your life depended on this phrase: Khajc jklc aslkjp akhcbp. Can’t make sense of it? That’s what life is like for the millions of illiterate women in the world. But this gift of literacy, including financial literacy, is helping the world make sense for thousands of women in developing countries. Help teach women basic reading and financial skills, like how to grow their savings, giving them the power to write a better future for themselves and their children.

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Fati is one of nearly 18,000 women and girls in Niger benefitting from financial literacy and life skills training through this gift. Her newly acquired skills help her earn an income to pay for things like food, clothing, housing and education, creating a brighter future for herself and her family.

“I have learned a lot, especially about saving your income, setting goals in life, and having the courage and determination to fight,” says a Fati. “I have become someone independent and respected by everybody."