Water and sanitation for communities

Water and sanitation for communities

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It’s a basic need and a basic right. It’s water. And every year, more than 1.5 million children die from illnesses related to drinking unclean water. Help change that. Help bring clean water and reduce thousands of very preventable deaths in dozens of communities in the developing world. Help thousands of people have access to clean, reliable water systems and sanitation facilities and give them the training and skills needed to protect their water supply and ensure it will be there for future generations.

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This gift has constructed and rehabilitated 13 boreholes in Niger, benefitting more than 200,000 people. It has brought water systems to six health centres, and outfitted seven more centres with 12 latrine blocks and seven incinerators.

It is also educating communities on the essentials of proper hygiene and sanitation.

“All of the women from my village thank Plan infinitely for the support it provides to the most vulnerable,” says 55-year-old Hadiza, a mother of eight.