A boy smiles while holding a hen.

3 hens and a rooster

Price: $80.00

Allow us to crow for a moment about the kind of change this poultry quartet can orchestrate for a family. This gift means food with nutritious and protein-rich eggs. It means income and the ability to provide for a family: nutritious meals, health care, education, shelter and clothing. This gift means a whole symphony of choices, a wide open door to the future and lives transformed.

Ester and her two-year-old son Matias are among the 1,400 families in El Salvador who are now able to feed themselves and earn an income because of this gift.

Ester, a single mom, sells additional eggs to make money to pay for healthcare and other essentials. She says her son is much healthier since receiving the gift.

“Matias likes eggs very much,” she says. “Now we don't have to buy them and I can spend the money we saved on our other needs. I am very grateful to this project.”

A mother and her son hold their new hen inside its pen in El Salvador.
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