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End HIV, TB and malaria

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Matching gifts
8:1 Ratio
Matched Ratio of this gift is 8:1

Your $100 is matched for a $900 value!

What is matching?

The goal is big, bold, audacious – and it’s possible. Help end HIV, tuberculosis and malaria infections around the world by 2030. Working at all levels of government and all levels of healthcare, this project is engaging communities with awareness, prevention and treatment. This is grand-scale work on the small-scale level, peer to peer, woman to woman, community to community, coming together to prevent new infections, save lives and stop these illnesses cold.

When Angelito could no longer afford his HIV and TB treatment in El Salvador, nor tolerate the discrimination he faced from health workers based on his sexual orientation, he felt he had no choice but to quit treatment.

That is, until this extraordinary gift – and a Canadian who gifted it – helped him to access the inclusive, quality and private health services he rightfully deserves.

Angelito is just one of 27.9 million people who have been supported by innovative prevention and treatment methods in our global cause to end HIV, TB and malaria through gifts and projects like this.

*See how our dedicated local Plan International staff members travel tirelessly through floods and conflict regions to deliver vital medicine to hard-to-reach communities in the Central African Republic: https://plancanada.ca/giftsofhope/topic/journey-to-end-hiv-tb-malaria

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