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Making a difference begins with joining the Equality Collective

You have the power to create a more equitable world by investing in solutions that help girls unleash their potential. When girls are supported and have access to their rights, there is nothing they can’t accomplish!

Join a network of like-minded women in philanthropy today to start making a difference in the lives of girls around the world. With your help, girls can transform their lives and help build a future where gender equality is a reality.


To create a more equitable world by unleashing the potential of girls.


As global citizens, we engage, lead, and make transformational investments in solutions that empower girls globally. By uniting around this common purpose, we achieve greater impact.

Together with girls, you can make a real difference

Investing in advancing girls’ rights is one of the most effective ways to fight global poverty and build healthier, wealthier and more just communities.

Making a difference can be as simple as:

  • Learning about the barriers girls face and the solutions that will help them grow to their full potential.
  • Using your voice and influence to catalyze change for girls all around the world.
  • Rallying other like-minded women to join the Equality Collective to advance equality for girls.
Two girls

See what our members have to say about the opportunity to make a difference as part of an inspiring community of like-minded women in philanthropy.

Lori Elder

Supporting the campaign through The Equality Collective is above and beyond what I ever imagined. I think really powerful philanthropy and advocacy comes when you are using your time, your talents, and your treasures to really make an impact, and I feel that we have done that and we are continuing to do that with the Equality Collective; on a personal level, not only as a philanthropist, but as a woman who really wants to engage and make a difference.” The Equality Collective is an exclusive group of individuals making transformative, high impact philanthropic investments to influence positive change.

Lori Elder
Pamela Alexander

There are so many reasons to join the Equality Collective. The passion and vision were incredibly inspiring; how could I not jump on board? The Equality Collective is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded women; to make a huge difference and see amazing results on the ground; to really bring forward gender equality; and to open the eyes, the hearts, and the minds of people around the world.

Pamela Alexander
Lori Elder

I went on the Plan International trip to Cambodia to see the operations outside of Siem Reap. It was one of the highlights of my life – meeting the children that we’re helping, the women, and the communities, I love the feeling of hope and enthusiasm that I get in actively participating in meetings, in seeing how the dollars are spent, and I want my daughters to see what I am doing and what other women are doing by standing up together. I also love the people. The people I’ve gotten to know, my Equality Collective members, they feel like family to me.

Wendy Reed

How Plan International makes a difference around the world

Every child has the right to be healthy, educated, protected, and valued. But millions of girls are denied their rights every day, simply because they’re girls.

child bride icon

12 million girls

are married before the age of 18.

(UNICEF 2019)

child bride icon

132 million girls

are not in school

(UNESCO 2020)

12 million girls

(aged 15–19) give birth each year in developing regions.
child bride icon

Complications during pregnancy & childbirth are the leading cause of death

for 15- to 19-year-old girls globally.

How do we work with and for girls to advance equality?

Plan International works to advance children’s rights and equality for girls in 75 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Our projects are driven by sustainable impact and our evidence-based monitoring and evaluation systems are among the most recognized in the world.

Girls in a classroom

We leverage matched funds from our institutional partners to exponentially multiply the impact of donor dollars, with match ratios ranging from 2x to as high as 14x.

Plan International stands with girls and young women by providing a platform for their voices, delivering projects which enhance their skills and educational opportunities, and supporting them to lead change.

  • Education: We help girls stay in school by providing food programs, keeping schools safe, training teachers on girls’ rights and through scholarships.
  • Violence: Combat gender-based violence by changing not just the social conditions in which girls live, but their social positions. When girls are empowered and informed about their rights, they can better advocate for themselves and help end practices like child marriage and FGM in their communities.
  • Advocacy: Plan International works with community leaders, power holders and governments to advocate and implement legal and social change.

Equality Collective: Membership Levels and Benefits

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the Equality Collective or want information on how to join!

Equality Leaders

$25,000 / 2 years
  • Annual reporting and updates on supported projects
  • Annual Plan International Canada Luncheon with the CEO
  • Opportunity to travel to the field to see the projects in action and meet the program participants *
  • Bespoke mentorship opportunities with Plan International Canada Youth Ambassadors and/or Young Philanthropists
  • Invitation to up to six exclusive bi-annual networking events and opportunities including:
    • Training and education with Plan International Canada Programs Experts
    • Educational and fun events such as book clubs, webinars, film events etc.

* Please note that donors are responsible for all costs associated with these opportunities.

Equality Champions

$50,000 / 3 years

Benefits of Equality Leaders plus:

  • Exclusive invitation to international or national conferences of relevance such as the United Nations General Assembly Conference *

* Please note that donors are responsible for all costs associated with these opportunities.


$100,000 / 5 years

Benefits of Equality Leaders and Equality Champions plus:

  • Exclusive access to Project Managers in the field.
  • Customized reporting on supported projects.