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Youth Advisory Council

Plan International Canada’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is comprised of 10 young people aged 14 to 24 who are passionate about international development issues, and who want to make a lasting difference in both Plan International Canada and the world.

YAC members support Plan International Canada in a governance and advisory capacity, by offering a youth perspective regarding Plan’s organizational activities – including everything from youth engagement to marketing to finance to human resources and programming. YAC members are not expected to represent the voice of all Canadian youth, and instead are encouraged to communicate their own opinions as a young person and that of their perception of their community.

Purpose of the YAC:

In alignment with Plan International Canada’s commitment to improving the lives of children and youth, and rooted in the principles of youth advocacy and governance, the Youth Advisory Council’s purpose is to provide Plan International Canada with insight on diverse outreach strategies in order to represent and mobilize a national network of youth.

Our Mandate:

  • Enable young people to learn about and support Plan International Canada’s mission
  • Provide insight on innovative, diverse youth engagement and outreach strategies and opportunities across Canada
  • Advise Plan International Canada on effective youth integration in the organization
  • Assist in the implementation of youth projects and activities
  • Ensure the voice of youth is heard by decision makers at Plan International Canada and elsewhere
  • Connect youth across Canada by encouraging personal network building and personal friendships
  • Receive mentorship opportunities through the Youth Engagement team

How the YAC works:

As a group, the YAC focuses on the unique and diverse skill-sets of its members. Rather than dividing into working groups to accomplish tasks, the YAC collaborates together on all projects. Since each YAC member brings a different perspective, the YAC functions best when all members have an equal seat at the table. The YAC is connected to the Global Youth Advisory Panel, Plan International’s youth governing body. The YAC will contribute not only to Plan International Canada’s goals, but will also collaborate with young people on Youth Advisory Council’s across Plan International’s global network.

Role and Responsibilities of a YAC Member:

  • Works closely with fellow YAC members and Plan staff to provide input into youth-related resources and web content produced by Plan International Canada’s Youth Engagement team
  • Attend all monthly and quarterly meetings
  • May be expected to meet outside of the monthly YAC meetings (in person/via Google Hangout) to advise on or participate in Plan Youth projects, or projects which Plan supports
  • Participate in ad hoc special projects as they arise
  • Provide input to Plan’s work as an ambassador to your region of Canada
  • Help develop the agenda and facilitate workshops at the annual YAC orientation


Applications for the YAC 2018/19 year are now closed. We thank all applicants for their interest in our Youth Advisory Council!

For more ways to get involved with Plan International Canada check out the Youth Engagement section of our website.


Damanpreet is currently in her fourth-year of the Marketing Management Bachelor of Business Administration program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her passions include philanthropy, event planning, volunteering and marketing communications. She has been involved with Plan International Canada since high school where she first learned about her passion for women’s rights and education equality. Through her years involved with Plan International Canada, she has started two Because I Am Girl Clubs (one currently at KPU), and planned and initiated a fundraiser that collected over 22,600 pencils to donate to Plan International’s school partners! Damanpreet is excited to continue to utilize her role as a member and secretary of the YAC as she embarks on her second year in the role. Her mantra when it comes to volunteering is Margaret Mead's famous quote, "Never doubt that a small group of passionate like-minded individuals can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has." And Damanpreet has a strong feeling that the Youth Advisory Council will be no different.


Christina is a third-year Business student at the University of Alberta and pursuing a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. She is actively involved in youth engagement programs in her community and believes that a lack of response to an issue highlights room for advancement through education and social entrepreneurship. Christina has been involved with Rotary, helping to organize numerous school and community-wide fundraisers, working toward a three-year partnership with the Belize Literacy Program to promote literacy, safe child play, and community rejuvenation through playground builds. Her involvement as a Page at the Alberta Legislature helped her gain an insight on how public voice shapes sustainable policymaking. Her favorite part of being part of the Youth Advisory Council is collaborating with youth across Canada on interdisciplinary approaches to achieving gender equality initiatives in both the local and international community.


Patricia is currently in her fourth year in Human Rights with a minor in Political Science and the University of Winnipeg. Patricia is extremely passionate about the lived rights of women and has developed a particular interest in international law. This fall she will be applying to graduate programs and law school. Patricia is trilingual (English, Polish, French) and she is culturally enriched by traveling to numerous countries around the world. While attending the University of Winnipeg Collegiate, a university preparatory school, Patricia won the 'Student-Faculty Award' - This award is given to one student who exemplifies the spirit of the Collegiate by showing outstanding leaders hip qualities. Furthermore, she had been involved in many clubs and initiatives. In her spare time, Patricia relishes gastronomy and spending time with those she holds dear, as well as traveling the world when the opportunity arises!


Tony is a second-year student at Western University, pursuing a dual degree in medical sciences and business. He firmly believes that youth have imme nse potential to impact their communities, but recognizes a lack of equality in resource allocation related to gender, social class, and age. With this mindset, Tony has worked extensively on providing opportunities for youth of all backgrounds, by engaging locally with community centers , nationally with girls in the Special Olympics Program, and internationally at youth and development centers and orphanages in China. Alongside youth empowerment, Tony also advocates for sustainable development, having extensively researched alternative food-sources such as entomophagy, cultured meat, and biotechnology. Sitting on the Board of Directors for LEADS Employment Services, an agency aimed at providing specialized services for people with employment-related barriers, Tony advocates for equality in all sectors. Tony enjoys public speaking and has served as a master of ceremonies for events such as panels for indigenous affairs and political debates, fundraisers for natural disasters and more. Tony is very passionate about music, playing many instruments, and enjoys making music covers on YouTube in his free time [TonyLiMusic].


Roshni is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Political Science and French Studies at York University. As a recipient of the York University President's Scholarship, she is committed to building a strong academic community within her university th rough her involvement in a variety of peer mentorship and workshop facilitating roles, as well as promoting social justice and advocating on behalf of a variety of human rights causes as the President of Amnesty International at York. She is especially passionate about international development, gender equality, and education. Along with her involvement with Plan International Canada as a member of the Speaker's Bureau and Youth Advisory Council, Roshni was an inaugural participant in the Girls Belong Here initiative, having taken over the role of CEO of Plan International Canada on International Day of the Girl in 2016. She is excited to continue her role with Plan International Canada and hopes that the partnership between her personal goals and values with those of the organization only grow stronger.


Rohan is a first-year student at the University of Western Ontario's Huro n College pursuing a dual degree in Business and Global Development. Born in India, Rohan immigrated to Canada at a young age and has since been proud to call Mississauga his home. In his final year of high school, Rohan received various awards from both his school and local community for his leadership in positions such as Co-Chair of the Mississauga Erin Mills Youth Constituency council, DECA Chapter President, Youth program facilitator at his church, and delegate in the Canadian Youth Forum for the Processes of Government. This upcoming year, Rohan will continue to demonstrate his leadership as an executive member for two non-profit organizations, The Fuse Society and The Youth Connection. Entering his second year on the YAC, Rohan hopes to continue to provide a male perspective to the gender equality conversation as well as advocate for minority rights, environmental sustainability, and the elimination of barriers to education.


Breanne has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights from the University of Winnipeg. She is currently a second-year law student at McGill University. As well as being a member of Plan Internationa l Canada's Youth Advisory Council, Breanne is also a member of Plan International's Global Youth Advisory Panel. She became involved with Plan International Canada in 2010 through Because I am a Girl. She has facilitated several Because I am a Girl Clubs, hosted Pink LemonAid stands, and coordinated events for International Day of the Girl. She is passionate about the rights of children, gender equality, and youth governance.


Aliya is in her fourth year at McGill University pursuing a joint honours degree in Political Science and International Development Studies. She is passionate about health equity and gender equality and believes that empowering women and youth is pivotal to achieving equality. Prior to her involvement with Plan International Canada, Aliya advocated for women’s rights through her membership on the executive committee of the McGill Students for UN Women Association and was granted the invaluable opportunity to research inequalities in global health systems during her third year of university.

Following her experience interning at a regional public health agency this summer, Aliya hopes to pursue a career in which she is able to create and reform health care systems and policies on a regional level. As a new member of the Youth Advisory Council, she hopes to use this position to inform youth of the benefits of becoming involved in advocacy work in order to promote sustainable development and to highlight the intersection that exists between youth, gender, and health.


Austin Austin is in his second year at the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College Faculty pursuing a Bachelor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership and a minor in International Development. Austin is also a Plan International Canada Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) Advocate and had the opportunity to speak at the CanWaCH Global Health Conference to discuss positive masculinities and gender equality. This year, he will be a member of a committee with the provincial Child and Youth Advocate to make amendments and recommendations to the Children’s Harm Prevention Strategy in New Brunswick and will continue his involvement with a university program that partners students with children with disabilities for weekly physical activity sessions. Amongst other things, he is passionate about global affairs, politics, leadership, and traveling.


Emma is currently in her first year of pursuing a Kinesiology degree in the Human Kinetics and Recreation Faculty at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. After Emma pursues her undergraduate she hopes to continue her studies to become a medical doctor. Although she has relocated to NFLD, Emma recognizes growing up in the small rural town of Sussex, New Brunswick will give her a unique voice on the YAC. Emma is passionate about working towards improving the lives of both boys and girls alike all across the world, specifically in regards to healthcare. Emma believes no matter where a child is located in the world they have a right to have accessible healthcare. As a new member of the YAC, Emma hopes to bring fresh, creative ideas that have stemmed from a variety of past experiences, from working in a women's shelter for domestic abuse victims to being a part of several service-based clubs in high school that organized and excused a variety of events and fundraisers. A highlight of Emma's senior year was being able to learn about leadership, politics and so much more, first hand from, MP Alaina Lockhart by being an active member of Fundy Royal’s Youth Council. MP Alaina Lockhart is one of the several people Emma looks to for inspiration.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys reading war history books, traveling and spending time with her dog, Molly. Emma has recently traveled to France, Belgium, and China. She is very passionate about gender equality, history and learning about cultures different than her own.

Want to join the YAC? Here’s what we’re looking for:

YAC Qualifications:

The following is a list of criteria we’re looking for in YAC members.

  • Must be 14 to 21 years old at the time of application
  • Must commit to a three year term
  • Previous involvement or interest with Plan International Canada, other international development organizations, or other charities/local community programs
  • Demonstrates interest in at least one area of Plan’s departmental work (i.e. fundraising, finance, community/youth engagement, marketing, communications, brand, etc.).
  • Experience and/or interest in program development and management, international development, advocacy, and especially governance
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Resides in Canada

Have questions about Plan International Canada’s Youth Advisory Council? Connect with the Youth Engagement team at or check out the YAC’s Instagram @plancanadayac