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Clean water for families

When you don’t have access to clean water, you’ll go to any lengths to find it. The burden of finding safe drinking water usually falls on girls, who must travel long distances every day – missing school and leaving them vulnerable to risky situations along the way. Community-based water solutions, complemented by training on proper sanitation and hygiene, keep girls safe and in school, bringing water and — peace of mind — to everyone.

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You walk into your local drugstore with a prescription for your sick child and you expect to walk out with the medication your child needs to get better. But families in some parts of the world are walking out of pharmacies empty-handed because of a lack of supply.

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Girls in many parts of the world have the desire to continue their studies, but not the means. This gift supplies that part of the equation. It provides girls in low-income countries with the support they need to carry on with their schooling.

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This innovative solution to water contamination is crystal clear! With these solar-powered kits, communities impacted by droughts and floods, or unable to drill wells, can get clean drinking water – fast. Accompanied by training at remote schools, this gift boosts students’ health and attendance, distilling out a fresh source of hope.

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