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Pads for Periods

Periods shouldn’t prevent girls from having the same opportunities as boys. But in many low-income countries, girls miss school because of barriers to managing their periods and must resort to often unsafe methods like straw, newspapers and rags – to manage their periods. This gift can provide pads to girls and education on how to safely manage their periods. It will teach girls not only how to use the pads but can also teach them how to make pads themselves, which they can sell to earn an income. And it can provide education to both boys and girls through school health clubs to tackle issues of shame and stigma, so a period never stops any girl from unleashing her equal power.

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For girls seeking refuge from violence or natural disasters, this gift holds much more than everyday essentials. Filled to the brim with soap, toothpaste and sanitary products like menstrual pads, this kit protects girls’ health, promotes hygiene and prevents stigmatization so girls can carry on with confidence.


This gift goes wherever the greatest needs are for children across more than 50 countries around the world. It provides everything from urgent and essential care for newborns to nutritious food for families to aid for communities in crises…and so much more. Give this gift to help reach those who need it most, no matter what arises.

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This gift funds Health Worker Training for Women, from midwives to community health volunteers to nurses. It also supports efforts to strengthen local health systems and services so that the people most at risk, especially women and children, have access to quality care.

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