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Cash assistance in crisis

Help families at their most critical moments. You’ll help girls and women secure financial assistance like food vouchers, cash and e-transfers during displacement and extreme hunger crises. Flexible cash assistance maximizes your impact to help meet families’ most urgent needs. Plus, it helps empowers women to lead themselves and their families through emergencies and build resiliency to weather the next storm.

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Help reach refugee and internally displaced children at the most critical time. Besides providing basic food, water, and shelter, this gift keeps children safe, reuniting them with their families and giving them hope that life will once again feel normal.

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When disaster hits, children are separated from their families, and girls are open to the risk of trafficking, violence and forced labour.

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This gift connects children suffering trauma from conflict or disasters with mental health and psychosocial services. Help children access safe spaces, therapeutic outlets and professional counselling from trained social workers. Support orphaned children and help reunite families separated by emergencies. Help a survivor find their lifeline.

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