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Buzzing bees

The little bee is a mighty thing indeed. Essential to a healthy food supply, the humble bee is responsible for pollinating approximately one third of the food we eat. So when you give the gift of buzzing bees, it not only launches a livelihood and income for women to help pay for housing, health care and food, it’s also helping local crops thrive. This gift comes with a hive, honeybees, training and all of the essentials for pollinating a buzzing family business. Can’t get sweeter than that!

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A ball of fluff, combined with powerful income-generating ability: this gift is irresistibly sweet and undeniably life-changing. Once the chicks mature, they can help feed a family with their nutritious eggs, provide an income for women, and teach girls important poultry management skills to crack open a brighter, better and bigger future.

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It just might be the most unique gift you’ll give this year. It most certainly will be the most life-changing. Goat’s milk means important protein for growing children, especially girls. The sale of offsprings means an income to pay for essentials – like an education – that open up opportunities for girls.

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