Isolated Indigenous communities in Bolivia were not equipped to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and its many adverse effects. This put adolescent girls especially at risk of harm and losing access to already-lacking resources and rights.

But thanks to support from the generous members of Team Girl, who went Further Together, we’ve been able to provide desperately needed aid and services to these vulnerable, rural communities. Thank you for helping protect more girls from COVID-19.

17-year-old Rosalinda is one of over 1,700 adolescents you helped educate on COVID-19 prevention, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights to support their complete wellbeing.

“Thanks to these virtual sessions, adolescents are not left alone. We have an opportunity to learn more about our health and rights and this is something that adolescents really need, we urgently needed this,” says Rosalinda. She attended some of the 300 virtual sessions you helped make possible to connect girls in lockdown and raise their awareness of protection measures against both the virus and gender-based violence.

Because Team Girl went further together, we have helped:


Supply 62 hand washing stations, complete with soap and instructions for best hygiene techniques.

Provide 84,000 face masks and respirators, along with other personal protective equipment.

Distribute hygiene kits full of soap, gloves and menstrual products to 2,400 girls, boys, and women to maintain their health.

Health workers conducted over 2,000 home visits to ensure girls’ protection and safety.

“It has been extremely helpful. I have learned more and at the same time I have reduced my insecurities. Thanks to these sessions I am moving forward and feeling more confident,” shares Rosalinda, empowered to continue realizing her rights despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Thank you for helping thousands of girls like her in Bolivia feel safer and healthier in the face of COVID-19.

Learn more about why your support is so needed at this time, and stay tuned for your next Further Together impact update. Thank you for being part of Team Girl and part of the solution to Stop the Setback.


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