Hunger crisis

Help children caught in the worst hunger crisis our world has seen.

Today, one out of every nine people is hungry. Lives are on the line, and time and resources are running out for children caught in the worst world hunger crisis in decades. Girls are especially at risk because when food is scarce, they eat last and the least. They are also the first to be pulled from school and made to work or even sold into child marriage to help their families make ends meet.

More than 276 million people worldwide have run out of food. Right now, people in hard-hit communities could face starvation and death unless they receive emergency assistance. The UN also warns that food shortages in hunger hotspots such as Kenya, Somalia*, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger could reach unprecedented levels in the coming months.

But, if we act now, we can help save lives. Please donate now to help children in hunger hotspots around the world.

Ways Plan International is combatting global hunger

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distributing food and cash vouchers to those most vulnerable such as children under 5, adolescent girls and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

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building families’ resilience through provision of agriculture and business trainings, tools and equipment like micro-gardens and income opportunities

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supporting school meal programs and take-home rations or vouchers in the event of school closures

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identifying and addressing child malnutrition through community health campaigns and supplementary feeding programs

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helping girls and those most vulnerable be protected from the added risks that hunger creates, like child labour or marriage, which perpetuate poverty.

No child should ever be hungry.

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