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Sponsor a child today to start creating life-long change around the world. *Leave blank to meet children enrolled the longest and most in need.

Hi, my name is


Gender: Female

Location: Zimbabwe

Age: 8 years old, Born, July 02, 2014

Hi, my name is


Gender: Male

Location: Malawi

Age: 5 years old, Born, September 20, 2017

Hi, my name is


Gender: Female

Location: Burkina Faso

Age: 5 years old, Born, November 09, 2017

Over 258 million children, teens and youth were out of school in 2018. That’s almost 7 times the population of Canada and the number has only increased since COVID-19. Sponsoring one child today impacts many tomorrows. When you sponsor a child you help provide access to education, proper nutrition, health care and clean water for an entire community, helping them thrive.

Education is a process of empowerment, and it can provide the route out of poverty, inequality and violence. When children like Mayday are educated, they have the information, skills and opportunities to create a better future for themselves, helping break cycles of poverty. It's a right that millions of children currently struggle to claim. Help children access their rights; sponsor now to help children stay in school, get access to health care and more.

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How sponsoring a child helps

Plan International is supporting remote education in 50 countries by offering virtual learning and distribution of home-based educational materials. We also train front-line responders to protect children, particularly girls, from violence, sexual exploitation, abuse and more.

We give girls and young women continued access to sexual & reproductive health information & services, working with teachers, parents, health care providers and partners to ensure children get the support they need during the pandemic. Additionally, we are working with communities, governments and partners to provide handwashing facilities, hygiene kits (including menstrual hygiene supplies) and age responsive health information.

Sponsor a child and help transform their community

how sponsorship works

Sponsor a child

When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive a detailed and meaningful welcome package with photos and information about your sponsored child, their family and their community.

Have a meaningful connection

Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to form a special one-to-one connection with a child around the world. By sharing letters, drawings, and photos, you’ll get a glimpse into your sponsored child’s world and learn how your support helps make a real difference in their life. If you wish, we can even arrange for you to visit your sponsored child to see first-hand the impact of your support.

Personalized updates

Each year, you’ll receive several personalized updates on the progress of your sponsored child, their community and country. Additionally, you’ll also receive one detailed annual update where you can learn how your sponsored child and their family have progressed over the past year with your support, as well as a new set of photographs, so you can see how your sponsored child has grown!

Impact an entire community

Child Sponsorship programming allows us to combine sponsor contributions to increase impact and establish a trusted presence within communities. This even helps secure further grant funding from institutional and government donors to grow community-based development projects, like building schools or water taps, which not only benefit sponsored children, but many others in their community too.

Sponsor a child and help transform their community

Keeping children health

Plan International Canada is committed to overcoming this global health crisis by providing hygiene kits, hand washing stations and more to vulnerable communities. Help us protect even more children’s health.

Reducing gender-based violence

Due to the pandemic, even more girls are at risk of threats like child marriage or trafficking. When you sponsor a child, it helps us work at all levels within a community to end gender-based violence.

Providing continued access to education

With the rise of COVID-19, an increased number of children are out of school. The UN estimates that at least 500 million children and youth are currently excluded from distance learning solutions. Sponsoring a child can help them to continue their education in a safe environment, and pursue more opportunities in the future.

Ensuring safety for children

Education helps reduce the likelihood of young girls being subjected to female genital mutilation, child marriage and violence at home. Girls have a right to live free of violence and make their own decisions about their own futures. Sponsoring a child helps us work within that community to protect the safety of all children, especially girls.

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My brothers and sisters are all in school, just from that statement from my sponsor.

A former sponsored child from Uganda. When Ronald received a photo from his sponsor, he had no idea it would change his life. “He took a picture of a pig, I remember it was a white pig, a long one. I really loved it and I promised myself that when I grew up, I would set up a pigsty of my own – and I did it!” With the income from his piggery, he’s now able to pay for his younger sisters and brothers to go to school.

– Ronald, former sponsored child

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Thanks to the projects they sponsor, I have become wiser about my rights.

A member of our women’s football initiative. She is learning through sport about gender issues. “The project tells us about violence and women’s rights while teaching us how to play football.” Sanmya knows that Plan International initiatives are only possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

– Sanmya, sponsored child from Brazil

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With these lessons, I want to give something back to my village for having received so much in my life.

Facing the challenges of poverty, as well as a physical disability, she was one of the first children in her village sponsored by Plan International. After finishing school and graduating from the sponsorship program, Tort began working at her local school library. She now volunteers to teach English classes 3 times a day at the primary school and is working towards making her dream of becoming a teacher come true! Thanks to her child sponsor, Tort is well on her way to making all her dreams come true.

– Tort, former sponsored child from Cambodia

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to your Child Sponsorship questions.

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How does Child Sponsorship work?

Child Sponsorship provides you with a special opportunity to have a unique one-to-one connection with a child and their family in one of the countries where Plan International works. As part of your sponsorship, you can exchange letters and photos, and build a meaningful connection. Each year, you’ll receive updates on the progress of your sponsored child and their community so you can see how your sponsored child is growing and learning. Child Sponsorship programming allows us to combine sponsor contributions to increase impact and establish a trusted presence within communities. This helps secure further grant funding from institutional and government donors to grow community-based development projects, like building schools or water taps, which supports sponsored children and their entire communities.

If I sponsor a child, how long of a commitment do I need to make?

The length of your commitment is up to you. Many sponsors have been with us for many years, which allows us to make long-term commitments to our partner communities. If you choose to end your sponsorship for any reason, please inform us at 1-800-387-1418 so we can introduce your sponsored child to a new sponsor.

Do sponsorship contributions go directly to one child?

No. When you sponsor a child, your contributions not only support the child you are sponsoring, but they also support the whole community! Your contributions collectively support a wide range of programs in your sponsored child's community. With more than 80 years of experience, we know that the best way to help every child unleash their potential is to engage families and entire communities in the change, so they can carry on – and further – the positive impact for many years to come.

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