Thank you for generously contributing to our global projects in 2022!

Tax receipts for all 2022 recurring gifts with a cumulative total of more than $25 have been issued in February 2023. Only official receipts issued by Plan International Canada either in paper or online, which include our business number, are valid for Canadian income tax purposes.

If you have not received your tax receipt or require a replacement, please contact us by calling 1 800 387 1418 or via email at

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For any other questions or inquiries about your tax receipt, please see the FAQ section below or contact donor care at the telephone number and e-mail address provided above.


Am I eligible for a tax receipt?

Please note that if you made any online one-time gifts +$25 after May 2022 you will have received an instant tax receipt email documenting this individual gift. Please refer back to your email for this separate receipt record or contact us if you are unable to locate it. Tax receipts for all 2022 recurring gifts will be issued in February in the name of the “true donor” per CRA guidelines.

More details on CRA guidelines can be found here.

What is the donation deadline for my tax receipt?

All donations made to us by December 31 at 12AM EST will be accounted for as a donation for that calendar year. A donor making a donation from another time zone must make the donation before 12:00 EST, regardless of what time zone they are in in order for their donation to be accounted for that calendar year.

What if I donated as part of a group?

If you are a member of a group donating to Plan International Canada, your donation is eligible for a tax receipt as long as the group organizer has provided us with the necessary contact information, this includes: your full name, including middle initial, address, and donation amount to confirm your eligibility. If you require further information about group eligibility for tax receipts, please review income tax receipt information document (pdf) or contact Donor Care.

What if I want my tax receipt to be in someone else’s name?

When an individual provides a cheque but insists the donation is from someone else (i.e. cash collected from another individual), you will need to provide a written declaration as proof of identity or say no to issuing a tax receipt.

Who can claim a tax receipt?

Only a true donor can claim the tax receipt. As per CRA guidelines, a true donor is the one making the donation of cash or non-cash gift to the charity. Therefore, a true donor is an individual whose bank account was drawn to make the donation. For tax purposes, if you have a spouse or common-law partner, the donations you make can be combined and claimed on one tax return.

I would like to update my preferences to receive my tax receipt by e-mail or update my contact information.

If you would like to make any changes to your mailing preferences or contact information, please contact Donor Care by calling 1 800 387-1418 or via email at and a representative will be able to make those changes to your profile.

What if there is an error on my tax receipt?

Please contact Donor Care by calling 1 800 387-1418 or via email at and a representative will be able to help you.

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