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Village of Hope resources

Village of Hope is a curriculum based social justice program that teaches students global citizenship through hands-on inquiry based learning activities. Created by teachers, for teachers, Village of Hope allows students to delve deeper into the issues that affect children around the world and take action on them through easy fundraising activities.

Fundraising resources

Use these resources to help you build out a successful fundraising or awareness building campaign.

Dove Confident Me resources

The Dove Confident Me resources are designed to promote adolescent body confidence in a group or classroom setting, targeted at ages 10-14 years. Confident Me addresses key topics including social media, peer pressure and strategies for promoting and working towards body confidence. Student learning is facilitated through class discussion and small group activities, with the addition of video and activity worksheets to keep pupils engaged.

The Mindful Me activity guide, developed with psychologists, experts and pioneers in body image and girl development, helps girls build body confidence and self-esteem. The activities included focus on body awareness, mindfulness, self-kindness, empowerment, and positive emotions.
The Self Esteem Activity Guide has been created to help girls aged 10-14 develop positive self esteem. In particular, it encourages girls to look at body confidence and how this influences their attitudes to themselves and others.
The Appearance Ideals workshop helps students understand the concept of appearance ideals, recognize the pressures caused by trying to match appearance ideals and develop strategies to challenge them.
The Media Messages workshop builds media literacy by exploring how professional images are often manipulations of the truth that promote appearance ideals in order to sell us products and services, and generate ways students can challenge and reject these images and messages.
The Confront Comparisons workshop identifies the ways in which the process of comparing our looks to our peers and professional images, which often has negative consequences, and seeks to develop new ways in which students can respond to these situations.
The Banish Body Talk workshop explores what body talk is and recognizes the problems it can cause. It develops strategies to challenge the use of body talk and commits to taking action to build body confidence.
The Be the Change workshop wraps up the Confident Me resources and guides students to make a commitment to act as a Body Confidence Champion to champion change for themselves and within their communities.