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Village of Hope

Children smile and wave from the walls of their school Children smile and wave from the walls of their school

The Village of Hope program is a unique learning experience that teachers and students take together to understand through real world situations the issues facing some of the world’s most vulnerable: children.

Through 5 lesson plans students will explore the following topics and how they can help lift children and their families out of poverty: education; water; health; food security and livelihood; and, child protection. Each lesson plan will directly relate to the grade 6 curriculum, including math, geography, language and social studies and can be easily adapted for grades 4 through 7.

Students will discover how to affect positive social change, and act on what they have learned by hosting fundraisers for their Village of Hope. Funds raised will contribute to Plan International Canada’s community sponsorship program.

Seasonal updates on the Village will allow classrooms to see how their actions are directly affecting positive change. Through individual stories, students will learn the unique challenges that face children in developing countries and how we are working together, to build more resilient communities!

The Village of Hope program will encourage your students to become active, engaged global citizens! Order your resources today be filling out the request form below!

illustration of a village with farms, houses, and school

Village of Hope kit

Materials include:

  • One Village of Hope poster
  • Five themed and curriculum related guides, complete with hands-on, inquiry based lesson plans
  • Five sets of corresponding lesson plan stickers
  • Individual student workbooks.
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Welcome to Volta, Ghana!

Plan International Canada’s Village of Hope is an educational program that brings the world into your classroom. Empower your students and encourage them to take action now to create a brighter future for children everywhere!

Find out more about Volta, Ghana

Group of smiling children from Volta

About Community Sponsorship

Plan International works with members of the community to assess the individual needs and opportunities with the purpose to create sustainable change.

Your participation in the Village of Hope program will help support community-based holistic solutions including access to clean water, access to quality education, access to health care and livelihood opportunities for the entire community.