Hear about the power of your sponsorship from a former sponsored child herself

Watch how sponsors like you helped lay the stepping stones for Ruth to access her rights as a child and rise to new heights today as a university student – just as you are doing now for children around the globe.

In Ruth’s community in Zambia, her sponsor supported the construction of a clean water system and new classrooms and helped establish a girls’ club which all advanced her access to – and passion for – health and education; helping keep her in school and safe from child marriage.

And she still fondly treasures the encouragement and hope within every letter and picture her sponsors sent her as a child.

Right now, your sponsorship is supporting similar projects for children in communities worldwide, so they too can choose their own paths for a promising future like Ruth. And your letters and gifts are motivating them every step of the way. Thank you!

Thank you for helping open opportunities for children to realize their power today and become empowered adults of tomorrow.

Join us in sharing Ruth’s story as a reminder of the impactful positive changes a
#ProudChildSponsor like you can be a part of.

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