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Sustainable change

Three years ago we launched our community sponsorship in Hoang Su Phi and began a journey of change made possible by the generosity and commitment of donors like you across Canada. Through this global partnership, Hoang Su Phi now has a long-term plan for improving living conditions, and just three years in, it is a very different community than when we started.

With your sustained monthly support, Hoang Su Phi has been able to invest in the basic building blocks of development: community infrastructure, social services, and, most importantly, its citizens so they can break the cycle of poverty for themselves and lead their own development for generations to come.

No one can speak to this change and what it means to the lives of children and families better than the people of Hoang Su Phi themselves:

  • "I love my new school. I am improving my Vietnamese and I have a lot of friends to play with.. I am very happy." – Nung Van Canh (10 years old)
  • "Life has changed a lot for children. With the new kindergarten, even the little kids now have a chance to go to school. And this year they got a new kitchen and dishes so they can have lunch every day." Lu Thi Bien (8 years old)
  • "The biggest change is that we are not in the poor household list anymore. We have succeeded in taking the first steps out of poverty thanks to the support that we have received from Plan." Hoang Seo Ky(local mother)
  • "My family no longer has to suffer from hunger. With the agricultural skills and knowledge we learned from Plan, we've improved our crops and our livestock are multiplying." Dang Van Them (local father)
  • "For years I collected and saved wood and dreamed of a proper house for my family. With Plan's help, I've finally been able to make that dream come true." – Ly Ngoc Kim(local father)

None of this would be possible without you. With heartfelt thanks for your ongoing partnership.


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