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Count the ways child sponsorship has supported Ndoumbe!

Before Plan began supporting Ndoumbe’s village in Senegal, life wasn’t always predictable. Man-made water wells dried up. Income disappeared during the dry season. And there was no functioning health clinic to receive care. Fortunately, things for Ndoumbe and her village were about to change.

The ripple effect of Child Sponsorship

That’s because Plan’s Child Sponsorship began in the village. Ndouble, now 10, became a sponsored child when she was 3 years old. Since then, life in her village is always improving. Can you count all the ways Child sponsorship has changed her life?

Journeying towards a better life

Since arriving in Ndoumbe’s village, Plan has made a great deal of progress. Children like Ndoumbe are receiving a quality education, and schooling has become a major priority in the community. Ndoumbe studies hard, because she says one day, she’d like to become a firefighter.

“Before Plan came to our village, we used to dig wells but they dried up,” explains Ndoumbe. “Plan built these taps. Everyone in the village has one and everyone has a latrine thanks to Plan.”

With improved access to water and sanitation, villagers keep hydrated and proper hygiene is practiced in every home. Plus, there’s enough water for Ndoumbe and her fellow firefighters to keep the village safe one day!

Reaching men, women and children alike

Along with household taps and latrines, Plan constructed the community’s first-ever health centre, where Ndoumbe was born under the skilled care of trained health workers. Here, children receive vital care to prevent common childhood illnesses, and expectant mothers get the support they need before, during and after childbirth.

Plan has also initiated village savings groups for women and men in the community. Thanks to these savings groups, Ndoumbe’s mother can save her money to support her family during the long dry season when crops wane.

The most cherished part of Ndoumbe’s experience with Child Sponsorship is writing letters to her sponsor. She sends and receives letters thanks to Aunty Awa, a Plan staff member who has been working in Ndoumbe’s village since 1998.

“She helps me write letters to my sponsor. I’m happy when she brings me letters,” says Ndoumbe. “Thanks for being a Plan sponsor.”

You can help change the life of a child just like Ndoumbe by becoming a child sponsor.