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The Syrian refugee crisis: Finding millions a safe place to call home

Refugees receiving support

A group of Syrian refugees receive warm clothing after they arrived by train to Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s being called the worst humanitarian disaster of our time. The civil war raging across Syria is tearing the country apart, leaving millions of children and families without a home.

The number of innocent people suffering is profound. 4 million Syrians have escaped to neighbouring countries, and an additional 7.6 million are internally displaced within Syria. Many of those affected are children – children too young to be enduring the effects of civil war.

The impact on surrounding countries is worsening, as well. Countries like Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq are overwhelmed with the influx of refugees escaping the horror in their homeland.

YOU can help us support children in need

Plan is responding directly to the needs of Syrian refugees in Egypt, and we’re working with our partners in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to provide support for those in need. With your help, we can make a difference by:

  • Creating safe spaces for children to recover.
  • Providing mental health care, counselling and psychosocial support, particularly to children and women.
  • Creating improved access to formal and non-formal education in a safe learning environment for school-aged children.
  • Advocating within Canada to provide greater support to the vulnerable children and families who need it.

Supporting Syrian refugees in Egypt

Currently, Plan is supporting Syrian refugee children and their families in Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta. We’re focusing on continuing the education of children and providing psychosocial support for children and families impacted by war.

Refugees learning in class

Plan is providing classes for Syrian children in Egypt to help them catch up with their lessons.

“I am thankful I have another chance at life,” says 9 year-old Rawan, a Syrian refugee now living in Alexandria with her mother. Rawan has joined a Plan-supported children’s group, where she’s learning Egyptian and playing with new friends, just like any 9 year-old should.

Or like Laila, a mother of 2 who escaped the conflict and fled to Alexandria with her family. All she wanted was a fresh start for her children. She joined a Plan-supported community group where she’s had the chance to start over, and provide the support she needs to her children.

“I was able to meet other Syrians who had experienced hard times. We learned how to raise our children and support them through the difficulties they had faced. Barriers are there for us to overcome,” she explains. “As long as we live, there is always hope.”

Help provide hope for children and families, just like Rawan and Laila.