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New Gifts of Hope, same life-changing results

The holiday season is creeping up fast, and before you know it, a New Year is upon us, so now’s as good a time as any to start preparing your shopping list. And you’re in luck! We’ve stocked our Gifts of Hope store with brand new gifts that will reach even more children and families. Check them out:

Power of play

Young children in uniforms playing soccer.

Power of play gives children the chance to stay active and keep playing.

Every child loves to play. It’s in their DNA. That’s why we’ve added the power of play to our roster of child-centred Gifts of Hope. For just $15, this gift will give children the tools they need to keep active and creative. The gift provides schools with sports equipment like soccer balls and jump rope, and teaches children how to play new sports and introduces music and theatre clubs, too.

The new power of play Gift of Hope will teach leadership skills and help harness teamwork and self-esteem among students in and around school. But most importantly, children will have the freedom to play and express themselves, while discovering what they’re truly capable of.

Food for thought

A young girl eating a hot meal at school.

Food for thought provides children with a nutritious school meal every day.

Many children in developing countries skip school because they don’t have the fuel to make it through the day. Without food in their stomachs, it’s next to impossible to learn. With our new food for thought Gift of Hope, we can help change that. For $25 you can provide children with a daily meal of nutritious food to keep their minds learning.

This gift will ensure children are receiving healthy, nutrient dense meals packed with staples like vegetables and rice. The promise of a hot meal will keep attendance rates high and children educated. Plus, this gift will help support new school gardens or update old cooking facilities to make healthy eating possible for years to come.

Back-to-school kit

A young girl holding her backpack close to her chest.

Back-to-school kits provide children with all the essentials they need to keep learning.

What’s a student without their school bag filled with school supplies? Too often, children go without because their family can’t afford to provide them with the school supplies they need to enhance their education. But for $40, you can help equip a child with all the tools they need to succeed with our new back-to-school kit.

This gift provides children with everything they need to prepare them for the school day – shoes, books, school supplies and even bursaries that help with the cost of transportation and uniforms. A back-to-school kit like this will give children the confidence to keep learning and raise their hands high in class.

These new gifts and more are available online in our Gifts of Hope store today. Start checking names off your list and begin your shopping with a little hope.