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Life saving health care

Life-saving health care

During a home birth, Ainul, a van driver in Bangladesh, watched helplessly as his wife developed severe complications because of a lack of health care by a skilled birth attendant. She and the baby survived, but when she became pregnant a second time, the couple attended pre-natal meetings about safe delivery, proper nutrition and good maternal and child health – meetings facilitated by a local partner through Plan’s Woman and Their Children’s Health (WATCH) project. “I realized how little I knew,” Ainul said after his first, all-male WATCH session. For the second birth, he took his wife to a health centre, and she delivered a healthy baby. Recognizing the vast difference between the births of their first and second children, Ainul now shares his life-saving knowledge with other expecting couples, especially men, in his community. As a result of this project, many men in this community support and drive change for women and children.

This project receives financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).